What’s so great about ebooks?

Ebooks are hardly a new invention but there might be some things about the ebooks in the University of Oxford that you don’t know.

Access anytime, anywhere

Although any people like the smell of books and the feel of paper in your hands ebooks have a great advantage in that they can be accessed from anywhere. All the ebooks we purchase can be accessed from anywhere whether the room in your college or travelling the world. You just need to sign in to SOLO then follow the View Online link to the ebook or sign in to the platform.

You can also download most of our ebooks. We have thousands of ebooks from many different suppliers so the methods of download can vary. If you are having problems check out the downloading ebooks section of our ebooks guide.

Ebook on tablet on towel, next to pool with sun hat and sunglasses.

Read ebooks anytime anywhere

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ORLO Study Skills List

It’s getting to that time of year again, the days get longer, the weather hopefully gets better and you probaly don’t get to see much of it as you have to prepare for writing your thesis, starting research assignments and final peparations for exams. It can feel a little overwhelming but the ORLO Study Skills list may be able to help. It covers a range of topics reference management to time management and much more.

Photograph of a laptop with the screen covered in coloured post-its and scraps of paper.

It can be difficult to know where to start

For those preparing a thesis or dissertation we have some great resources on our study skills list, in the section Doing a research project, writing a thesis or dissertation. The section on Exams, tutorials, and presentations will set you up well for the upcoming exams.

Photograph of a lightbulb surrounded by coloured post-its that are laid out neatly.

Study skills can help you get organised

The list is an ORLO list so like all ORLO lists it you can use the Table of Contents button at the top to jump to the section most relevant to you. Try using this feature to take a look at our  subject specific guidance on the list. You can also use the search box at the top to find specific resources like Coping with stress at university: a survival guide by just typing a few words in the box e.g. coping with stress. And like all ORLO lists you can export the list or just the references. More information available on the Bodleian website.

If there are any study skills books or resources you’d like us to purchase then please contact your subject librarian or submit a request.