Learning a language?

Are you learning a language either as part of your degree or independently?  If so, then why not come along to “WISER: Learning a Modern Language” next Wednesday (10th November) 4.00-5.oopm.

This session which will be run by Lucile Deslignères, the Librarian at the Languages Centre, will help you to find valuable resources for learning modern languages and to make use of the language you are learning in your web searches.   The session will cover: tools for non-latin writing systems, searching using non-English search engines, and using resources offered by Oxford University and from referential sites.

“WISER: Learning a Language” will take place on Wednesday 10th Novermber 4.00-5.00pm at the Computing Service at 13 Banbury Road and is open to all members of Oxford University and Bodleian Libraries’ readers.   Please book your place.

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