All about E-books and E-book readers.

Next Wednesday (29 February) Bodleian Libraries will be running workshops on E-book and E-book readers.

The first session WISER: E-books will introduce Oxford’s collection of e-books, helping you not only to successfully locate e-books but also to manipulate them and make the most of their functionality.

WISER: E-books will be swiftly followed by WISER: E-book readers which will look at Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s i-Pad, the Sony e-reader and smart phones for reading e-books. The session will discuss the pros and cons of e-book readers generally and of the individual devices and there will be oppportunities to handle the hardware.

Both sessions are free and open to all members of Oxford University and Bodleian Libraries readers.  They will take place at OUCS, 13 Banbury Road.   Please book you place at WISER: E-books and WISER E-book readers.

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