Essential information for DPhils – copyright, sensitive information and ORA

Doing a DPhil?   Oxford DPhil students are required to deposit a copy of their thesis electronically in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA).   Its worth thinking about this now, even if you will not be submitting for several years.  In particular, the requirement to deposit in ORA means that you will need to get copyright permission for any material in your thesis which belongs to third parties (e.g. pictures,  full text journal articles and more).  Getting copyright permissions as you go along is preferable to leaving it until the end of your thesis.     In addition, if you plan to include sensitive information you will need to get a dispensation from consultation.

Find out what you need to know at our workshop  WISER: Your thesis, copyright and ORA.  This session is running  Wednesday 24 October 15.45-16.45 and Monday 29 October 12.30-13.30. Please book your place online.

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