Are you over reliant on Google? Finding high quality research materials

Tracking down high quality secondary materials to support your research can be tricky. With services such as Google returning huge numbers of results, how can you be sure that you are finding the most relevant materials?    Over reliance on Google can not only drain your time as you sift through thousands of results but can also result in you missing key materials which have not been indexed by Google.

Bodleian Libraries run a half day workshop on finding scholarly materials for your research. During this session we look at the best scholarly databases for finding books, journal articles, conference papers and theses and give you plenty of time to try them out with you own searches.

We are running this workshop twice during Michaelmas Term:  Monday 27 October 14.00-17.00 and Friday 7 November 10.00-13.00.   (Please note that although the 27 October date was fully booked there are now spaces on this date as well as on 7 November as we are using a bigger training room).    These workshops are popular so please be sure to book your place.