Have you got your researcher ORCID ID yet?

Orchid Flower

Orchid flower by Tejvan Pettinger (Flickr: Orchid) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

ORCID iDs are unique researcher identifiers that are increasingly important for linking researchers with their publications and grants.

It’s really important to have one, because they are now required by many funders and publishers and because they are very useful in ensuring that all your publications are attributed to you correctly.  This has sometimes been a challenge in the past, where an individual researcher’s publications might end up being listed  under 2,  3 or even more variants of their name (for example John Brown, J Brown, JE Brown, John E Brown etc).    Publications being listed under different names can have serious implications for your H-Index and other metrics but this is easily resolved by using an ORCID ID because the ORCID ID is a unique and unambigous identifier linking you and your publications.   You can use it throughout your life, even when you move institutions.

If you haven’t got an ORCID ID yet, why not come along to our briefing, Bodleian iSkills: ORCID IDs and the ‘ORCID at Oxford’ service where you can find out more and sign up to get your ORCID ID. The session will take place on Monday 29th February 14.15-14.45.  Booking is essential.