Manage your references with Zotero

Adding in-text citations or footnotes to your papers and creating a bibliography can be a time consuming and fiddly task.  Reference management tools make this task much easier by keeping track of all the items you may wish to cite or add to a bibliography and by formatting your citations correctly for your chosen citation style. There are lots of reference management tools out there but the Bodleian iSkills team particularly recommends Endnote, RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero, and runs regular workshops on all of these tools.

Next up in this term’s series of Reference Management workshops is ‘Zotero’. The things that we particularly like about Zotero are:

  • You can access Zotero online from multiple devices (computers, laptops, tablets and phones) and you can also use Zotero when you are offline
  • It works on Linux as well as on Windows and Mac and with both Microsoft Word and Libre Office
  • It is free for a basic account (though if you need lots of storage you will need to pay a subscription.  Having said that, if you just use it to store references and keep your full text pdf documents somewhere else, then the basic account should easily do the job!)

To find out more about Zotero and give it a test run come to our workshop next Thursday 9th Feb 09.15-12.15 > book your place