Honing in on the good stuff – Google for academic research

Picture of a hay stackA google search can return high quality academic materials for your research including both primary materials and scholarly papers and commentary. However, too often the high quality content is lost among thousands of irrelevant, spurious and even misleading results. Wading through the dross to find the academic needle in the haystack is time consuming and most people give up after scanning the first page (or at most the first two pages) of results, but of course there could be an outstanding piece of research on page 3, 10 or even 100 of your results list.

The good news is that by learning a few basic techniques you can hone in on the good stuff.       Come along to our iSkills workshop, Google for academic research on Wed 22 Feb 14.00-16.00 to find out more and to practice your skills with Google and also with alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo.

This workshop will be aimed at DPhils and researchers in Social Sciences subjects.   Please book your place at
Bodleian iSkills: Using Google for academic research (Wed 22 Feb 14.00-16.00)