Get organised and save time with RefWorks

No one has enough time, and certainly not enough time to spend hours working on fiddly footnotes and bibliographies.  Thankfully tools like RefWorks can help with this by keeping all your references in one place so that you have everything you need when you come to cite a source or create a bibliography and secondly by formatting your in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies for you.  Yes, RefWorks actually does your citations and bibliographies for you!  No longer do you need to remember which bits of the citation go in italics, where you need a full stop, or when to use parentheses as RefWorks will handle all that for you.

What is even better news is that Bodleian Libraries have a subscription to RefWorks which makes it free not only for current Oxford staff and students but also for Oxford alumni.      Find our more by booking a place at  Referencing: RefWorks for Humanities on Friday 24 Feb 9.15-12.15.