Get managing your data off to a good start with MANTRA

Careful management of your data is vital for the health of your research project and having a robust research data management plan is increasingly required by funders.

A good research data management plan will ensure that:

  • you create, collect, store, structure and use your data in the most effective way for your particular research needs
  • your data is safely backed up and preserved for the future
  • you can make your data available to others where appropriate (and when mandated by your funder)
  • sensitive and confidential data is kept securely

Although having an effective research data management plan is really important, it can be difficult to know where to start.     One option is to come along to the Bodleian Libraries iSkills workshops on research data management.   The next workshop in this series will take place on  Wednesday 17th May 10.00-11.30 and will introduce MANTRA, a free online learning course covering best practice in digital research data management.  During the workshop you will have an opportunity to start the tutorial with help at hand from the Bodleian Libraries’ Data Librarian and to ask him questions about managing data for your own research project.  This workshop is FREE, but online booking is required.

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