Open Access Oxford – what’s happening? (Old Road Campus)

Picture of an open lockIn order to be eligible for the next REF, the final peer-reviewed version of journal articles and conference papers (with an ISSN) must be deposited in an open access repository within three months of acceptance for publication. HEFCE’s requirements are designed to ‘increase substantially the amount of scholarly material that is made available in an open-access form’.

Bodleian Libraries give a monthly briefing on open access publishing and Oxford’s position. These briefings are aimed at researchers and academics, research support staff, administrators and librarians. Key topics include:

• Introduction – What is open access?
• Key terms – Gold, Green, APCs
• How to find out about research council or funder requirements
• How to find out what your publisher will allow
• Green route – how to deposit in ORA
• Gold route and how to claim for APCs
• HEFCE policy for next REF
• New developments, including ORCID researcher IDs
• Where to get more help

Our next two sessions are as follows:

  • Wednesday 12 July 14.00-15.00  Headington Old Road campus
    particularly convenient for the Medical Sciences Division)

  • Tuesday 22 August 14.00-15.00  Manor Road Building, Seminar Room E

The sessions are free, but online booking is required.
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