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Time travel on the web – web archives for your research

Have you ever wanted to see how information and conversation on the web has evolved over time or responded to a particular event or trend? Would you like to be research how an organisation, web site or the web itself has changed?  have you ever wanted to simply view information on a web site that no longer exists?

Web Archives allow you time travel by looking at web pages from the past and to track how they have changed.     They can be valuable tools for researchers in a wide range of disciplines.   A number of services are available from the early “Way Back Machine” which allows you to simply view old web pages  to more complex web sites with sophisticated tools for searching across past web sites and analysizing your results.

To find out more about Web Archives come along to “WISER:  Web Archiving – Time Travel on the Web” on Friday 22 November 10.30-12.00 at the Radcliffe Science Library.   This workshop will discuss how web archives came into being, and introduce selected web archives and their potential uses.  Please book your place on line.