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Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities

Following on from their project launch on February 18 at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford, the dhAHRC project is continuing its series of workshops in Oxford and London, to disseminate information and training in the field of the digital humanities. The workshops will also touch on digital transformations, specialist IT skills, copyright and IPR, open data, and licensing, helping to equip scholars with the tools they require to engage in this growing field of the humanities.

Coming up:

March 25 2014
‘Interdisciplinary Digital Resources for New Research Students’ Workshop within a conference jointly organized between the Institute of Historical Research and North Western University, Chicago.
Institute of Historical Research, London

June 13 2014
‘Building Scholarly Resources for Wider Public Engagement’ Full Day Workshop
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford

June 27 2014
‘Applying New Digital Methods to the Humanities’ Full Day Workshop           
The British Library, London

Go to for more information.

Get the New Year off to a flying start with a Skills Toolkit

The Research Skills Toolkit is a practical workshop for graduate research students which is designed to give a taste of a wide range of tools, resources and skills for research.   This year’s toolkit will include:

  • Key e-resources for your research
  • Advanced search techniques
  • Measuring research impact
  • Keeping up to date with emerging research
  • Your thesis, copyright and submitting to ORA
  • Plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Software for managing citations
  • Free software for image manipulation
  • Managing your thesis with Word
  • Analysing data with Excel pivot tables
  • Podcasting with Audacity and WebLearn

The workshops which are run by Bodleian Libraries and Oxford University Computing Service jointly  take place in weeks 1 and 8 of this term and are open to Oxford graduate students and researchers.   > Please book your place online

Getting organised on the web

Next Monday’s workshop will focus on tools for getting organised on the web.  The session will cover:

  • Social bookmarking tools such as which make it easy to save and organise links to favourite web sites and to share them with others
  •  Bibliophile sites such as LibraryThing which allow you to keep track of your own personal library and to post and share book reviews and comments
  • RSS feeds for keeping up to date with new development in your research field or for personal interests
  • Customised start pages to bring your favourite web sites and tools together in one place

This free session will take place on Monday 21 November 10.45-12.15 at OUCS. Please book your place online.