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DPhils – Copyright, your thesis and ORA

Oxford DPhils students are required to deposit a copy of their thesis electronically in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA).   Once deposited, your thesis will be publically available via ORA (in many cases after an embargo period).

Since your thesis will eventually be available on ORA, it is essential that you get permission to reproduce any materials (e.g. pictures, journal articles etc) where a third party holds the copyright.  This may even apply to materials that you have authored yourself (e.g. journal articles)  if the copyright belongs to a third party.  Our top tip is to be aware of copyright issues as early as possible in your research as getting permissions as you go along is usually much easier than leaving it until you have finished your thesis.

In addition, if your thesis includes sensitive or confidential material you may need to apply for a dispensation from consultation for the whole or part of your thesis.

To find out more about how to handle copyright and sensitive data in your electronic thesis, come along to  WISER: Your thesis, copyright and ORA  on Wednesday 9 May 12.30-1.30   > book your place.