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Keep up to date with emerging research

Keeping up to date with new publications, research papers, announcements from funding bodies and other news is an essential but time-consuming task.  Our workshop iSkills: Getting information to come to you takes the pain out of the process by introducing you to RSS feeds and email alerts. These technologies allow you to set up notifications so that, when key journals, databases or web sites publish new information in your research area, you are sent an alert via email or via an RSS feed reader. Participants will have the opportunity to set up their own RSS feed readers and/or email notifications during the session.

Please book online for:
iSkills: Getting information to come to you (Monday 6 February 10.00-11.30)

Do you use Google Reader?

Google’s RSS feed reader, Google Reader will be closing permanently on 1st July this year so if you’re using Google Reader you need to start looking for an alternative now.     Bodleian Libraries can help you to find the best RSS feed reader for you and will be running WISER: Alternatives to Google Reader this Friday 7 June 11.00-12.15.  During the session we’ll look at key issues you should consider when considering your next RSS feed reader and we’ll introduce  Bloglines Netvibes, Feedly, The Old Reader and CommaFeed.  They’ll be plenty of time for you to try out each reader.

All members of Oxford University and Bodleian Libraries readers are welcome but please be sure to book your place online.