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Working with sensitive research data?

In the next two weeks Bodleian Libraries are running two workshops for DPhils and Researchers working with sensitive research data:  the first will focus on research data in the Social Sciences and Humanities; and the second will focus on the Sciences and Medical Sciences.

These workshops will outline some of the key principles to bear in mind when working with sensitive or restricted research; whether collected yourself or obtained from a third party source such as a data archive or an NHS trust or Biobank data.  Issues of confidentiality, informed consent, cybersecurity and data management will be covered.  Examples of scenarios or concerns drawn from the research of participants are particularly welcome.  The role of support services at Oxford will also be outlined and in particular the role of the Bodleian Data Librarian who will lead the session.  Follow up consultations with the Data librarian or other subject consultants are also offered.

Attendance at this workshop is FREE, but online booking is essential.  Click below for further information on each workshop and to book a place:

Bodleian iSkills: Working with sensitive research data in the Social Sciences and Humanities
(Wednesday 15 November 14.00-16.00)

Bodleian iSkills: Working with sensitive research data in the Sciences and Medical Sciences (Tuesday 21 November 10.00-12.00)


Working with sensitive research data?

Do you work with sensitive, confidential or restricted data?  If so, you may be interested in the next workshop in our Research Data Management series: ‘Working with sensitive research data’.

The workshop will be suitable for those using sensitive data either obtained from third party sources such as data archives or for those creating data as part of their research.    It will be particularly suitable for DPhil students and research staff.  Please be sure to book your place online for:
Bodleian iSkills: Working with sensitive research data (Wed 31 May 10:00-12:00)

Calling all DPhils – Your thesis, copyright and ORA

If you are an Oxford DPhil, you are probably aware that you are required to deposit a digital copy of your thesis in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA).    Once deposited, your thesis will, after a short embargo period become publically available via ORA.

It is therefore essential that you get permission to reproduce any materials (e.g. pictures etc) where a third party holds the copyright.  This may even apply to materials that you have authored yourself (e.g. journal articles) if the copyright belongs to a third party such as a publisher.  Our top tip is to be aware of copyright issues as early as possible in your research, as getting permissions as you go along is usually much easier than leaving it until you have finished your thesis.

In addition, if your thesis includes sensitive or confidential material, you may need to apply for a dispensation from consultation for the whole or part of your thesis.

To find out more about how to handle copyright and sensitive data in your digital thesis, and how to prepare it for depositing in ORA, come along to Bodleian iSkills: Your thesis, copyright and ORA on Wednesday (25th January, 10.00-11.00).  Please note that although the session is free, booking is essential.

Open Access Publishing, Papers and Peer review

There are many changes afoot in academic publishing. We therefore invite you to attend a series of short talks, panel discussions and opportunities for conversation around the subject of open access publishing. Speakers and panel members will include Oxford academics, and representatives from the Wellcome Trust, F1000, eLife, PLoS, BioRxiv, Publons, Oxford University Press, the University’s IT Services and Bodleian Libraries. The meeting will focus predominantly on biomedical sciences, but attendees from other disciplines are also welcome.

Topics will include presentation and discussion of new open access platforms, the process of peer review, the role of reviewer, how we use metrics, the role of IT and the internet, managing sensitive data, and the balance between sharing your work and retaining ownership. The aims are to help academics maximize the accessibility and impact of their work, to learn about the University’s publishing requirements, to facilitate discussions between academia and publishers, to identify where to go for help with publishing, and to address some of the challenges of publication.

Lead organiser is Dr Philippa Matthews (Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Medicine) with the Open Access team.

This free event (includes tea/coffee & sandwich lunch) is open to all University members. Click here for full programme; click here to book a place.