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Are you making the most of e-books?

The Bodleian Libraries has over 624,000 e-books, with titles in all subject areas, but do you feel confident in finding and using them? If you haven’t got to grips with e-books yet, or if you are using them but are not sure that you’re making the most of their full functionality, why not come along to our workshop iSkills: E-books on Friday 5 June 9.15-10.30.  The workshop will cover finding e-books and how to use and manipulate them including borrowing entire e-books, downloading chapters, using e-books on computers, tablets and other devices and making annotations. Please note that this workshop will focus on e-versions of books whereas the subsequent workshop, iSkills: E-Book Readers will look at e-reader devices such as Kindle and Nook.   > Book your place at iSkills: E-Books online.

The e-books workshop will be swiftly followed by iSkills: E-book Readers which looks at the different devices available for reading e-books including Kindle, Nook and the use of iPad and Android tablets as e-readers. The presentation will cover the pros and cons of each device and give you the opportunity to handle the hardware and try it out. iSkills: E-Book Readers will take place Friday 5th June 10.45-12.15. Please book your place online.

Please note that these workshops run consecutively for your convenience. However, you are very welcome to attend just one of the workshops if you do not wish to attend both.