SSL Quiet Study Area Survey 2014

In Hilary Term 2014, the SSL conducted a survey in response to requests from readers to designate the desks by the windows on the west side of the library as a Quiet Study Area, with no laptops permitted. Leaflets inviting responses were placed on the 11 desks in this area throughout January and February. There were a total of 70 responses and the results were as follows:

Should this area be a “Quiet Study Area” with no laptops allowed?
Yes: 22 (31.4%)
No: 45 (64.3%)
Both boxes ticked: 3 (4.3%)Quiet study area graph

We also received a number of comments which showed some differences of opinion, ranging from “There are lots of other places to use laptops and there are no charging points by these desks” to “Already too few places to use laptops”, and “I love that a social science library is using social science to make decisions”.

Given the two-thirds majority in favour of continuing to allow laptops in this area, the SSL will continue its current policy of permitting laptops to be used throughout the library.

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