Library PC and WiFi Router Upgrade (December 2019)

We are planning some improvements to our library PCs and Wi-Fi routers. For the PCs, increased memory and processing power will result in faster loading times and the ability to better handle our diverse range of programmes. They will also be sustainably built, take up less space and have an ergonomic design. New Wi-Fi routers will be mounted on our ceilings to improve the reliability and strength of our Wi-Fi signal.

The work will be taking place in December, full details are as follows:

The PCs in the Information Skills Training Room will be replaced on 5 December. The room will be inaccessible during the period of work. Alternative PCs can be found in our main computer area (behind our Self Issue machines).

The PCs in our main computer area will be replaced (except for the Bloomberg and Eikon PC in our Data Area) on Monday 9 to Tuesday 10 December. Work will be carried out to each desk in turn, so there will always be some PCs available for use in this area. Additional PCs can be found in our our Information Skills Training Room.

Also on the week of 9 December, work will be carried out in the library to add new routers to our ceilings to improve the Wi-Fi signal. The work is scheduled to take place from Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th. Disruption should be kept to a minimum as the noisy work will take place outside of library opening hours.


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