Take a Break

Here at the SSL we would like to encourage all readers to take regular breaks and study in healthy balance and moderation.

Here are our top tips for taking a break!


A walk can help to stimulate your brain, allowing you to study far more effectively. Exercise is proven to improve your mood through the release of endorphins, helping to relieve stress.

The SSL is surrounded by so many green spaces.

From the University Parks, to the Magdalen College Deer Park, to even Holywell Cemetery, there are plenty of nearby green spaces to explore!

We’ve created a map of our favourite lunchtime walks.

Feel free to pick up a map and discover somewhere new during your break.

Or why not recommend your favourite walk to us?


Working at the same desk on the same seat all day can sometimes hinder effective study, so why not switch it up? You’d be surprised how physical perception can affect your perspective on work. Even something as simple as moving to a different desk, or seat, can help!

There are a variety of different study spaces in the SSL.

Why not try the comfy seating area, located to the right of the Issue Desk?

Or why not use your break to travel to a new library? Library hopping is a great way to break up your work and refresh your mind with a new location.


Coordinating breaks with your friends allows for social interaction which will break your own internal monologue and give you a chance to relax and focus on something outside of work.

If you want to chat with your friends and not leave the Manor Road Building, why not use the Manor Road Common Room, located on the first floor just past the Manor Road Cafe?

You can even eat in the Common Room.


Studying while hungry or dehydrated can make it much more difficult to focus and process information. Luckily there are spaces nearby to eat and drink.

Manor Road Café 

Open Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00

Missing Bean Café

(St Cross Building) 

Open Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00

Don’t forget if you use your KeepCup you can bring your drink into the library!

How do you take breaks? Give us your suggestions!

Welfare and Wellbeing

At Oxford we are committed to the mental health and wellbeing of all our students.There are a number of services available which provide support to readers during their studies at the University. Advice is available from your college, department, central University services, fellow students and the Student Union.

Click here to find out more about the support available.

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