Projects SSL staff have been working on over the Easter Vacation

Although the SSL was closed over the Easter vacation, our staff have been hard at work providing means for students to continue studying effectively from home.

We have been busy creating online reading lists, with links to journal articles and eBooks, to be published on ORLO. We have 13 lists currently in progress, with 2,400 citations added so far. More news to follow when they are officially available.

We have also been working through “eBook wishlists” sent to us by course convenors, from which we have so far purchased 161 eBooks which are licensed for institutional access [more info on what libraries can/can’t buy can be found here]. The work to purchase these eBooks will continue through out Trinity Term.

Want to recommend an eBook for purchase?

If you urgently require a book that is only available in hardcopy or electronically via eLegal Deposit complete a Book Recommendation Form. Staff will investigate if it is possible for us to buy an eBook which will be accessible remotely if you have a SSO.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email here.





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