New: Access 300,000 eBooks via Perlego

We are pleased to announce that we now have access to 300,000 book titles across a broad range of subjects via Perlego, until 17 July 2020. This includes all of Wiley and Pearson.

You may browse by subject, topic, curated reading list or publisher, or search. A new advanced search filter is also now available.

Users can browse the full collection to identify titles of interest without creating an account at Perlego.

However, to access the full-text, users need to create their own Perlego account. To set this up, Go to Databases A-Z and find Perlego.

Then, click on the link to WebLearn to find the access code and the link to the platform. A registration form will be generated. Use your email address and the access code to set up your account. Once this is done, in future, you can go directly to the Perlego website and login in with your email address.

Searching Perlego

Use the simple search, and then filter to search for books only matching on the title, author, the topic, or the keyword. Or use the format filter and choose to read in e-Pub or PDF.

For more information on Perlego, take a look at this YouTube tutorial.

If you would like to give us some feedback, please contact your Subject Librarian.


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