How to borrow a book from the SSL

Need to borrow a book from our Library?

If you have a study space booked, you can retrieve the book from our shelves and issue it via our self-issue machines.

Browse & Borrow

You can also enter our library to select and borrow books by opting to ‘Browse and Borrow’. To do this, choose the ‘Browse and Borrow only [NO DESK]’ option when booking your study space. This entitles you to browse our collection and borrow items via our Self Issue Machines but it doesn’t allow you to sit and study in the library. Some of the benefits of Browse & Borrow are as follows:

  • It’s potentially quicker to get hold of the books you need as library staff are fetching a large quantity of books per day for Click & Collect while Browse & Borrow means you can just book a slot on the day your essay is set and pick up whatever books you need straight away.
  • You don’t need to know exactly what books you are going to borrow ahead of time, so if you don’t have a set reading list to work from, Browse & Borrow may be better suited for your needs.
  • Remember that if you just need to collect some printing or do some photocopying in the library, you can also take advantage of booking a Browse & Borrow slot.

Click & Collect

Another alternative (if you know exactly what book you want) is to borrow a book/s via the Bodleian Libraries Click & Collect service.

For Click & Collect, place a request on SOLO for items which would usually be available to borrow. Library staff will fetch the items requested and, once the items are ready for collection, you will be emailed and invited to select a date and time to collect the items.

Here at the SSL, on the days we are open, our collection times for Click & Collect are:

Monday to Friday, 12pm – 4pm.



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