Want to enjoy a hot drink in the library? Say sayonara to disposable cups and hello to KeepCups!

Person sat studying in the SSL at a desk with a KeepCup next to them.

Fancy a coffee or tea while you study in the SSL??

Although disposable cups will be turned away, KeepCups are welcomed with open arms!

 A KeepCup with a smiley face on it. Next to this is a speech bubble containing the words Welcome, do come in and an arrow next to it to indicate the SSL has said this.

A white disposable cup that is leaking coffee all over the cup and the surface it is on. A red cross is over this image.

What is a KeepCup?

A KeepCup is a specially designed reusable cup for hot or cold beverages. As well as the SSL, it can also be used in selected other Bodleian libraries which include:

  • Anthropology Library
  • Bodleian Law Library (except in the Official Papers section)
  • Bodleian Library – Upper & Lower Reading Room, Gladstone Link and Radcliffe Camera
  • Continuing Education Library
  • Education Library
  • Latin America Centre Library
  • Philosophy & Theology Faculties Library
  • Said Business School Library
  • Vere Harmsworth Library

Where can I buy one?

Image of the 3 different plastic KeepCups that are sold (priced at £8.50) and the one glass one (priced at £15)

We will accept any style of KeepCup in the SSL but if you wish to buy a Bodleian branded KeepCup, you can do so from our Issue Desk (we currently accept card payments only). We have three choices of plastic cups (sold at £8.50 each) and also a glass cup (sold at £15). They can also be purchased at the Bodleian Shop in the Weston Building (show your University card to get a discount on their retail price).

Benefits of using a KeepCup

 KeepCups ….

  • are reusable and support the University’s green initiatives
  • support the Bodleian Libraries’ Food and Drink policy which states that no food and drink can be consumed around special collection material and that within the libraries, there will still be no food or drinks allowed in other containers, except for bottled water

Not using a paper cup means that ….

  • The chance of spillage is reduced, so our books are less likely to be damaged and our furniture and carpet less likely to be stained
  • You are doing your bit for the environment. Find out how much plastic and carbon dioxide you could save using KeepCup’s Impact Calculator

Please note that KeepCups should be used responsibly to minimise spillages. The cup should remain closed in between sips. Any leftover drinks should be emptied in the nearest available sink, not a bin.

Nearby places to the SSL to get your coffee/tea fix AND receive a discount for using a KeepCup

Manor Road Cafe

Image of the interior of the Manor Road Cafe. A sign on the wall says First things first, coffee. Next to it is the seating area.

The Manor Road Cafe is located on the floor directly above our library. It is open Mon to Fri 8am – 3pm.

Take your KeepCup along and you will receive a 10p discount off your drink.

The cafe also sells Oxford University branded glass KeepCups.

The Missing Bean Cafe (St Cross Building)

Exterior image of the Missing Bean Cafe. Two raised umbrellas are outside over tables and benches.

The Missing Bean Cafe is just down the road on level 2 of the St Cross Building. It is open Mon to Fri 8.30am – 5pm.

Take your KeepCup along and you will receive a 10p discount off your drink.

The cafe also sells their own branded plastic and glass KeepCups.


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