Sources of Help for Exam Stress

A stressed student facing their open laptop and biting a yellow pencil in frustration. A pot of coloured pencils and the corner of a notebook is on the desk beside them.

The build-up to exams can be a very stressful time for students. The University offers a number of different workshops to help you manage this stress, as well as other issues you may be experiencing throughout your studies.  A list of workshops available can be found below:

  • ACT-based Anxiety Group
  • Can’t Work
  • CBT for Low Mood
  • Managing Exam Anxiety
  • Managing Strong Emotions
  • Mindfulness for Life
  • Overcoming Panic
  • Perfectionism
  • Reducing Digital Distraction
  • Relaxation
  • Self-Compassion group
  • Sleep Difficulties & Insomnia
  • Students of Colour Group

For further information about the content and format of these workshops, and to book your place, please visit:

The University Counselling Service have also created a series of podcasts which address the pressure of being a student at Oxford. Example titles include ‘Introducing CBT for low mood and depression’ and ‘The pressure to be perfect: ways of responding’. You can listen to these podcasts through the University’s podcast site or download them from iTunes U. There is also a range of Supportive Resources (such as recommended books and helpful links) regarding topics such as relationships, self-care and mental health, which have been compiled by the University and can be accessed via the link:

If you would prefer to speak to someone direct, there are a number of different counselling services to support student wellbeing. These include the University Counselling Service, Peer Support Programme and Oxford SU Student Advice Service. In addition, the student-run confidential listening service Nightline is available between 8pm and 8am every night of term. For further information about these services and their contact details, please visit the University of Oxford’s Welfare and Wellbeing page at:


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