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The Research Data Oxford website is the University of Oxford’s central source of information and guidance about research data management – also known as RDM.

The website has recently been re-vamped. The plan is to continue developing the site over the next few months, so if there are additional topics you would like to see covered, or if you have any other feedback, please contact

Research data management is an umbrella term, covering a range of data-related activities during the whole research project life cycle, from before it starts to after the project concludes.

This includes:

  • Data management planning
  • Good practice in collecting and working with data during the live phase of the project
  • Compliance with legal and ethical requirements relating to research data
  • What happens to the data after the project is complete: preservation or disposal, and data sharing where appropriate

Good research data management is an essential part of good research. It has two key goals:

  • Smoothing the progress of the research process, by ensuring data is kept safe and that it’s possible to make the best use of it
  • Extending the life of data beyond the project, by ensuring it remains useful and accessible

Each section of the website deals with a key aspect of research data management. If you’re new to the topic, a good place to start is this section of the website.

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