Oxford Festival of Open Scholarship: Learn, Debate, Innovate

Black and white photo of the Radcliffe Camera with orange open access padlock logo on top.

What in the world is going on with open access and open research? Come along and hear from an array of exciting national and international speakers – and find out!

Organised by the Bodleian Libraries, OxFOS23 will cover a range of topical issues, including:

  • The tricky problem of open monographs
  • The future of peer review
  • The future of copyright

The events will take place over two weeks: 8-9th week, Hilary Term (6-17th March). Sessions range between half hour talks and two-hour workshops. All of the events are free to attend and most are open to everyone, but a few are restricted to Oxford university members for practical reasons (e.g. if the content is only relevant to Oxford university members, or if your SSO is required for a workshop). This is an opportunity to explore and debate issues, and jointly look for solutions.

This year most of the events are still online via Teams, but we do have some in-person events as well. Our flagship debate ‘The Future of Copyright’ will be hybrid (both online and in-person tickets available). You can also play the Publishing Trap Game, a board game designed by Chris Morrison (Copyright and Licensing Specialist for Bodleian Libraries) and Jane Secker (Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at City, University of London).

The festival begins with ‘The Fundamentals of Open Access‘ led by Sarah Humphreys. If you are completely new to the idea of open access, this session is a great introduction to the basics and breaks down the meanings of common OA jargon terms.

Visit the OxFOS webpage for the schedule information and to book sessions: https://openaccess.ox.ac.uk/oxfos-23/

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