Our Resource of the Month choice for June

Each month we choose an electronic resource which we feel will be of interest to you.

An infographic of an open laptop. In front of the screen (inside an arrow) are the words 'June Resource of the Month' The background is green.

The choice for this month is the Urban Media Archive, provided by the Centre for Urban History in Lviv, Ukraine. This free online resource presents images, videos and oral interviews on Ukrainian and Central European urban history.

An open laptop on a table with the words 'Urban Media Archive' on the screen. Next to it are a cup of coffee and a notebook and pen.

It was chosen because it provides a unique opportunity to follow connections between significant documents and analysis reflecting a specific 20th-century world view.

Resource Overview

The Urban Media Archive documents and makes available materials that often can’t be found in traditional libraries and archives, through an innovative archiving process that emphasises collaboration. Individual archiving projects include the documentation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and collecting personal accounts of the Euromaidan protests in 2014.

Where can you access the resource

This free online resource is available to access at Urban Media Archive.



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