New eResource Trial: Al Mandumah (ends 13 May 2024)

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In addition to our earlier Blog post regarding the trial of ‘Al Manhal’ (which ends on 14th May), the Bodleian Libraries are running a short trial of another Arabic database Al Mandumah.

Please do compare the two and see which one you find more useful and send your feedback to (Nizami Ganjavi Subject Librarian (Middle Eastern and Islamic Collections))

Al Mandumah (Trial ends 13 May 24)

Dar al-Mandumah provides access to a series of databases with full-text content of Arabic scientific conferences, dissertations, and academic journals from 1921 to present day. Content is mainly in Arabic and English. The databases included are:

• EduSearch (education)

• HumanIndex (humanities)

• IslamicInfo (Islamic studies and Islamic law)

• AraBase (language and literature)

• EcoLink (economic and management studies)

• Mandumah Dissertations




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