Terminology changes to SSL books on SOLO

In order to make it clearer to our readers which of our books can be borrowed, we have recently made a couple of changes to the terminology you will see in SOLO.

You can now easily see on SOLO which books are “Normal Loan”, “Short Loan” and “Library Use Only” in the Type/Status column on SOLO:

Previously, “Library Use Only” books were referred to as “Reference” or “Confined” books but we think this new terminology makes their status clearer.

You can see whether, and for how long, you are entitled to borrow each category of book on our Borrowing Books web page.


SSL Student Survey: thank you for your feedback

SSL Student Survey image

The SSL would like to thank all students who recently participated in our 2017 student survey. We received 263 responses and some really useful feedback. Over the next few months we will be hard at work analysing the results to identify ways we can further improve our services to students.

The lucky winner of our £50 Blackwell’s voucher was Alessio Cuozzo from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Congratulations!


Building maintenance on Tuesday 11 April: Crane Lift

Due to maintenance work being carried out on the Manor Road Building roof, the west side of the library facing the St Cross Building will be closed for a short time on Tuesday 11 April. The Building Facilities Team will place barriers around the affected closed areas for the duration of the work, which is expected to be completed by 12 noon.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mind the Gap: we are respacing


Following the relocation of our Statistics and Reports collection to their new home on the other side of the Library, we now have lots of additional growth space for new books to be added to our main book collection. We plan to redistribute the space proportionally according to the number of books we expect to receive in the next few years in each section of the Library.


During this process, while the books are being moved, you may find that titles on a particular subject have moved from the set of shelves they were on previously. However, all our books remain arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system, and we will be updating the signs at the end of each shelf to show the range of call numbers and subjects contained within each aisle. Just ask a member of Library staff if you are having any difficulty finding a particular title or call number/shelfmark.

New section of the Library: Statistics and Reports


A new section of material has now been created in the Social Science Library: the Statistics and Reports collection. These items comprise around 3000 statistical series, annual reports and other reference material previously located in the same sequence as our books. In order to create more space for new books, we have moved the statistics and reports to their own separate section, in the north-eastern part of the Library’s collections, between the Dissertations and Theses and the Core Collection of Print Journals, which now occupies a reduced amount of space in this area.

The Statistics and Reports remain arranged using the Library of Congress classification system. However, as they are now in a separate part of the Library, additional text has been added to the records of all titles now kept in this section, as shown in the image below.


Over the coming months, the items will also be labelled with an additional spine label to indicate that they belong to this section of the Library.

Stats Image


Are you having IT problems? Ask us!


  • Are you having trouble logging into one of the WiFi networks?
  • Have you forgotten your password for logging in to Reader PCs?
  • Is the wireless network slow or the signal weak?
  • Do you need help saving a file to the desktop?

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of IT in the Library, whether it is using our Library PCs or your own laptop or mobile device, please do speak to a member of staff, either in person at the issue desk, or via one of our many other communications channels. We are always happy to help in any way we can to resolve the issue. Even if we can’t sort it out there and then, we can always refer your issue on to University IT Services and pursue a resolution on your behalf.

Please provide as much detail as you can about the problem. This will enable us to diagnose the problem more quickly and to establish whether it is a specific or general issue. For example:

  • What is the exact wording of the error message you see on screen?
  • Where are you sitting in the Library?
  • Are you using a Library PC or your own device?
  • What operating system are you using: Windows, OSX or Linux? What version?
  • Which wireless network are you connected to or trying to connect to? OWL, Eduroam or Bodleian-Libraries?
  • What web browser are you trying to open?

St Cross Building Refurbishment: potential noise disruption

The St Cross Building (next door to the Manor Road Building which houses the SSL) is currently undergoing a major refurbishment. At this stage in the process, there is likely to be some noisy work taking place in the weeks commencing 29 February and 7 March, particularly between 1pm and 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of these weeks. If you do find it noisy, earplugs are available to buy at the Social Science Library issue desk for 20p.

For more information on the St Cross refurbishment, please visit the Law Bod Blog.