Infrequent noise disturbance in the Library (June to July 2024)

Infrequent drilling noise may be audible in the Library during June – July 2024.

Contractors are also removing machinery via a fire exit.

Please ask staff for advice on the quietest study spaces.

These works are required for the lift replacement project in the Manor Road Building.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Take the SSL home with you: ways to access library materials remotely

A view of a field with a house in the background. The words 'Take the SSL home with you' are above.

If you are an Oxford University student and need to access library resources while you are away from Oxford, follow our tips below:

Open laptop with an open book on it.Remote access via SOLO

Access e-books, e-journals and databases remotely by logging in to SOLO with your Single Sign On (SSO) Take a look at the Bodleian Libraries SOLO Guide for further information.

Image of the chat box for SOLO Live Chat


For help with finding and using items on SOLO, you can also get assistance via SOLO Live Chat.

This service is staffed from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Look for the chat box to the right of the SOLO webpage.

Screen shot of how the SOLO catalogue displays eBooks. Under the title is a green circle with the words 'Online access' next to it.


Our eBook Subject & Research Guide has lots of information on how to access and use Oxford University eBooks.

A photo from above of an open laptop on a desk, next to it are 2 books and a pair of glasses.

ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online)

Most postgraduate reading lists are available on Oxford Reading Lists Online ORLO and scans, online articles and e-books can be accessed there. Take a look at the ORLO reading lists webpage for further information.

Staff member scanning a book

Scan & Deliver

Scan & Deliver is a free electronic document delivery service which enables you to obtain scans of book chapters or journal articles via email from the Bodleian Libraries’ print collections.

Open laptop on a desk with the words Further Information on itFor more information on the above, and to find out about further resources available remotely, consult the Bodleian Libraries Online and Remote Access webpage.

Questions, need Help?

An image of a person holding an image of a speech bubble with a question mark inside.

Any questions, just get in touch with us!


Telephone: 01865 271093

Summer Vacation Opening Hours

On Sunday 23 June our Summer vacation opening hours will begin. We will be open:

Sunday – CLOSED

Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm

Saturday: 10am – 4pm



Our Book of the Month choice for June

The SSL ‘Book of the Month’ feature highlights a book in our collection. This may be a recent addition to our stock or an existing item that we would like to share with you.

June’s Book of the month is:

Місяць війни. Хроніка подій. Промови та звернення Президента України Володимира Зеленського

Misi͡at͡sʹ viĭny : Khronika podiĭ : Promovy ta zvernenni͡a prezydenta Ukraïny Volodymyra Zelensʹkoho

The Month of War: A Chronicle of Events: Speeches and Announcements by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy


Compiled by Oleksandr Krasovyt͡sʹkyĭ and V.M. Voronin.

Kharkiv: Folio, 2022

This title is available to request from the Bodleian Closed Stacks and can be taken out on loan from the library.




It was chosen because it offers a blow-by-blow account of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, interspersed with President Zelenskyy’s daily speeches and announcements. Readers can use this book to chart the invasion as it unfolded, along with the international response.

Book Overview

Misiats’ Viiny sets out the main events of each day from the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, until 24 March 2022. It is in fact the first book in an ongoing series, which continues to present a day-by-day chronicle of each month’s events. The Bodleian is collecting the consequent editions of this series, either as print books, or as ebooks on East View’s ebook platform. Each daily account includes the day’s speeches and announcements from Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The book’s main compiler, Oleksandr Krasovits’kyi, is one of Ukraine’s leading publishers, editors and writers. He seems to have been working with President Zelenskyy’s office, which is one of the Copyright owners. Hence, as we might expect, the book strongly supports Zelenskyy, and his decisions. This does not mean that the book presents an inaccurate account: instead, we see how Zelenskyy and his office worked to frame events as they unfolded. The book series is itself part of the Ukrainian government’s effort to establish a narrative of the war, in part to combat the flagrant misinformation issued by Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine.

Misiats’ Viiny and the subsequent editions of the series are an important reminder of the sheer violence of Russian aggression in Ukraine, and its senselessness. Zelenskyy’s speeches demonstrate the close historical connections between Russia and Ukraine, and their peoples. For example, he switched into Russian during his address to the population immediately after the first attacks, to call on the Russian population to demonstrate their opposition to the war. This speech also starts with a reference to Ukraine and Russia’s shared Soviet history, before asserting Ukraine’s right to move forward on its own, independent path: he insists that the Iron Curtain will fall on Russia’s border, rather than encompassing Ukraine.

Zelenskyy’s speeches also reveal the complex international response to the invasion, as it slowly shifted into an acknowledgement that the Putin administration has to be fought, rather than placated. Many of these speeches were addressed to international leaders; for example, we read Zelenskyy’s speech to the UK’s Parliament on March 8. His words reflect the mix of support and scepticism Ukraine has met since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Meanwhile the ongoing series reminds us and the international community at large that Russian terrorism in Ukraine is continuing: a shopping centre in Kharkiv was bombed on May 25, for example. The world cannot afford to forget the threat, violence and tragedy of Russian terrorism.

How can I access it?

This title is available to request from the Bodleian Closed Stacks and can be taken out on loan from the library.

Image of an open book with the pages curled to form a love heartWhat would your SSL Book of the Month be? Do you have a favourite book in our collection? If so, we would love to know what it is. Add a comment below or email us.

June Resource of the Month: East View’s Universal Database of Russian Central Newspapers

Each month we choose an electronic resource which we feel will be of interest to you.

An infographic of a open laptop. On top of the screen is a banner which says 'June Resource of the Month.'

Our Resource of the Month for June is East View’s Universal Database of Russian Central Newspapers. Use this database to read up-to-date issues of the Russian Federation’s leading newspapers. It also offers an electronic archive of these newspapers, going back to the late 1990s or 2000s.

An open laptop on a desk, on the screen are the words 'East View’s Universal Database of Russian Central Newspapers' Next to it are a cup of coffee and a pad and pen.

Resource Overview

East View’s Russian Central Newspapers keeps you up-to-date with the Russian Federation’s news agenda. You can download scans of around 40 of Russia’s leading news and arts newspapers, from Argumenty i Fakty (Arguments and facts) to Stroitel’naia Gazeta (Construction Newspaper). Many of these publications contain Russian government propaganda – however the collection includes opposition newspapers, such as Novaia Gazeta (New Newspaper).

Where can you access the resource

This resource can be accessed via SOLO. A Single-Sign-On (SSO) is required to access the titles remotely, as they are restricted to Oxford University students and staff members.



Submit your Book Recommendations to us by Friday 21 June

Row of books on their sides. The bottom of the books is at the front of the image. The books are set against a yellow background.

Are there any books you would like us to order for the library?

Friday 21 June is the last date for book recommendations this financial year.

You can recommend a book title to the SSL by:

  • emailing
  • completing the online form on the Bodleian Libraries website under Collections and resources > Recommend a purchase
  • completing a paper Book Recommendation Form, available at our Issue Desk and at our New Books Display area

Book ordering will begin again in the new financial year, from 1 August 2024 onwards.

Finishing your degree this summer? Things to remember before you go

A pad and pen on a desk, with the words 'Library Checklist' on it. Next to it is a black covered notebook with the outline of a person wearing a mortarboard.Here are a number of library related things to keep in mind as you prepare to finish your degree and leave Oxford.

Return all your library books

Please return your books to the library from which you originally borrowed them. Find out the SSL’s opening hours on our webpage.

Pay for any Lost Books

If you have lost an item borrowed from one of the Bodleian Libraries, contact the library from which the item was borrowed with the author’s name, the title of the book, the shelfmark (if possible) and your name and email address.

If the book is not found, you will usually be required to pay a lost book charge.

If you have already been invoiced for a book you have lost, please pay the amount before you leave.

Consider donating textbooks

We would be pleased to receive personal copies of social sciences textbooks that are in reasonable condition and cited on reading lists. We would add these to our lending stock so future students benefit from increased provision.

In cases where we don’t have sufficient space to add donations to our collections, we send them on to a charitable non-profit organisation.

Please pass any donations to staff at our Issue Desk.

Use up your PCAS credit

PCAS logo. 3 rectangles, one yellow, one light blue and one dark blue with the word PCAS verticall next to them.

Any unused credit on your PCAS account cannot be refunded and so we urge you to use it before you leave Oxford. On request, credit can be transferred to another PCAS account. Please email PCAS Support for assistance.


Find out about Alumni Privileges

BODLEIAN Reader’s card

Person stood reading a book in the reading rooms of the Radcliffe Camera.

As a graduate of the University of Oxford you are entitled to apply for a Bodleian Reader Card (this is different to your “My Oxford” Alumni card). This card will grant you reference access to the Bodleian Libraries. Details on how to apply are on the University of Oxford degree holders applying for a Bodleian Reader card webpage.

‘My Oxford’ Alumni Card

My Oxford Card. Blue background with an image of the Radcliffe Camera on it.







Graduates can register for a “My Oxford” Alumni card. This will provide you with a range of benefits and discounts.

Being an Oxford Alumni entitles you to remote access to selected electronic resources. More information can be found on the Bodleian Alumni Journals access webpage.

If you have a Bodleian reader card, you will also be able to access electronic resources in the Bodleian Libraries via reader PCs.

RefWorks Reference Manager

If you have a RefWorks account, you will be able to continue to use RefWorks once you have left the University. However, you need to ensure you sign in with a personal email address to continue using the service as alumni. If you currently use your single sign (SSO) to log in to RefWorks, please read the information on the Bodleian Libraries Reference Management Guide..

Two photos on a desk with Graduates throwing their hats in the air. Under are the words The SSL staff wish you good luck for the future.

Sources of help during the run up to exams and how to support your wellbeing

A stressed student facing their open laptop and biting a yellow pencil in frustration. A pot of coloured pencils and the corner of a notebook is on the desk beside them.

The build-up to exams can be a very stressful time. To help with this, the University has an ‘Exam Wellbeing’ webpage full of helpful tips and advice, and offers support to address any challenges you may face.

The webpage includes a range of workshops available from the University Counselling Service & supportive resources, such as Podcasts.

Want to talk to someone during this stressful period? Take a look at the University’s Welfare & Support webpage, for information on how to contact:

Try one of our Mindful Activities

The Wellbeing Corner in the SSL, with a range of mindful activities you can try.

Take a break from studying in the SSL and try one of our mindful activities. In our Wellbeing Corner (located behind our computer area) you will find:

  • Mindful colouring books and colouring pencils
  • Puzzle books
  • Origami material and instructions guides and books
  • Jigsaw puzzle

Feel free to remove items from this area to use in the library but please return them there after use.

Bodleian Libraries Wellbeing in Trinity Term Events

Take a look at the Bodleian Libraries Wellbeing in the Libraries webpage for other libraries offering mindful activities and events taking place this term.

Llamas and alpacas on the Radcliffe Camera lawn.

Photo copyright of Bodleian Libraries

Take regular breaks

There are plenty of places to get food and drink close to the library:

A cup on the floor, daylight and greenery are in the background.

Manor Road Café

Serves hot food and drink:

Mon – Fri, 8:30am to 3:30pm

Vending Machines & Microwave

Café closed? There are vending machines located at the back of the balcony on the First Floor. There is also a microwave available for you to use there.

Water Fountain

Located behind the main building Reception desk.

Missing Bean Cafe

Serves hot drinks, pizza, sandwiches, pastries and homemade cakes.

Level 2, St Cross Building

Mon – Fri, 8:30am to 5pm

Manor Road picnic benches

Picnic benches are located at the front of the building, if you wish to sit outside.

Want to eat & drink while you study?

Although food is not allowed in the library, you can bring in bottled water and also hot drinks (as long as they are in a reusable cup with a lid).

Pop-Up Book Displays

We currently have two pop-up book displays around the corner from our issue desk.

A pop-up book display in the SSL on the theme of the importance of getting outside for your mental health.

Our first display focuses on the importance of getting outdoors for our mental health. Find inspiration for local walks via books & flyers (some are directly from the SSL & some around Oxfordshire). There are also titles exploring how nature heals us.

A pop-up book display in the SSL on the theme of exam support and wellbeing.

Our second display focuses on Exam support and wellbeing.

All the books are library use only, so please return them to the display after browsing.

Take a break outside

Person stood outside on a path (with their back to us) surrounded by greenery.

There are plently of green spaces close to the SSL for you to take a break in. Pick one of the flyers below up from the library entrance area.

Mao of green spaces close to the SSL: University Parks, Marston Cyclepath, Music Meadow, Holywell Cemetery, Botanical Gardens and Magdalene College Deer Park.


New eResource Trial: Al Mandumah (ends 13 May 2024)

A person stood up at a desk typing on a laptop keyboard.

In addition to our earlier Blog post regarding the trial of ‘Al Manhal’ (which ends on 14th May), the Bodleian Libraries are running a short trial of another Arabic database Al Mandumah.

Please do compare the two and see which one you find more useful and send your feedback to (Nizami Ganjavi Subject Librarian (Middle Eastern and Islamic Collections))

Al Mandumah (Trial ends 13 May 24)

Dar al-Mandumah provides access to a series of databases with full-text content of Arabic scientific conferences, dissertations, and academic journals from 1921 to present day. Content is mainly in Arabic and English. The databases included are:

• EduSearch (education)

• HumanIndex (humanities)

• IslamicInfo (Islamic studies and Islamic law)

• AraBase (language and literature)

• EcoLink (economic and management studies)

• Mandumah Dissertations