Changes to Bloomberg Access

Bloomerg terminal in the SSL Data AreaThe SSL currently provides a fixed point terminal for Bloomberg Professional – the financial services database. From Monday 16 May, this access point will be relocated to the Sainsbury Library at the Said Business School. Similar databases such as Refinitiv Eikon and S&P Capital IQ will continue to be accessible from the Social Science Library.

Any reader who wishes to use Bloomberg from 16 May will need to email  Details on visiting the Sainsbury Library are provided here.

If you have any questions/feedback, please contact us at

Find out more about the Data Services we offer at the SSL

To support social scientists and others who need to gather and handle data, the SSL offers a Data Area. This provides access to PCs with specialized and restricted-licence data software. Any reader may use these PCs (except the Bloomberg PC).

Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional is a leading source of detailed market data, news and analytics that is used in trading markets and financial institutions globally. Content includes current and historical financial data on currencies and commodities, individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, and futures for both international and domestic markets. The service also provides access to company profiles and financial statements, forecasts, news on financial markets, and audio and video interviews on business and finance.

Bloomberg Professional can only be used by current University members and for academic non-commercial research.

You must apply for access and book your first use by emailing the Data Librarian, John Southall. To apply for access, download the Bloomberg application form (PDF, 162kb).

Exceptionally, clearance can be given by the Reader Services Librarian or the Digital Services Librarian. You can book subsequent sessions at the issue desk or by emailing, subject to the availability of the Bloomberg PC (see calendar of existing bookings).

Readers can use the Bloomberg PC with the specialist Bloomberg keyboard or borrow a standard keyboard from the issue desk. Once logged in, you can receive help with using the system from Bloomberg via instant messaging. Guides are available in the SSL Data Area or use the following:

Refinitiv Eikon

Refinitiv Eikon allows for economic research and strategy development with macroeconomic analysis through access to the accounts data and equity data for global companies and stock indices. The content spans over 40 years and contains worldwide economic data and futures, bonds and commodities figures. More information is available on SOLO and directly from Refinitiv along with their training materials. Guides are available in the SSL Data Area or consult:

The software is installed on one of the SSL Data Area PCs (see our PDF map). Access is password protected and restricted to current University members. Please ask at the issue desk to be logged in by a member of library staff.


The NVivo software is designed to organize, analyze and find insights in qualitative data. We currently have NVivo 12 on our reader PCs. The software is installed on 5 SSL PCs (see our map). Access is available to all library readers with a Bodleian Libraries login.

More information about NVivo is available on SOLO.

Guidance is available on the getting started section of the NVivo website. The IT Learning Centre offer a range of resources for NVivo and NVivo can be purchased for personal use through IT Services.


This data analysis software allows for the editing and analysis of all types of quantitative data, whether structured data or relational databases. It works with all common file formats and can be used for formulaic analysis or graphing data. More information is available on SOLO and on the SPSS website. Guides are available in the SSL Data Area or you can consult the SPSS Introductory Guide (PDF, 519 KB). IT services offer SPSS training as part of their course catalog and SPSS can be purchased for personal use through the University store.

The software is installed on 5 PCs (see our PDF map). Access is restricted to current University members. A password is required, so ask SSL issue desk staff to log you in.


The SafePod in the SSL. A freestanding enclosed room entered via a door.

The SafePod Network (SPN) is a major new research innovation to provide and manage a network of standardised safe settings (SafePods) across the UK for data that requires secure access for research purposes. A SafePod provides the physical security and controls for a researcher to access such data and includes a door control access system, CCTV, wheelchair accessibility and a height adjustable desk with monitor.

All SafePods operate under the same policies and procedures and provide researchers, once accredited, with access to datasets from participating data centres and archives. This includes:

Booking the University of Oxford SafePod

The University of Oxford SafePod is in the Social Science Library and can be booked and used by researchers internal and external to the University. SafePod bookings must be made from the SPN website. Bookings cannot be made at the Social Science Library.

The University of Oxford SafePod is available 10am–4pm on weekdays, excluding periods when the Social Science Library is closed.

More information

For general enquiries about the SafePod Network, contact 01334 463901 or email

Maintenance work taking place in our main computer area (Mon 6 to Fri 10 Aug)

In the week Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August, there will be some maintenance work taking place, during Library opening hours, on the fire dampers under the floor in our main computer area.

Main Library PC Area

All the computers in this area (including Bloomberg, Eikon and other computers in our Data Area) will be unavailable during this period. You can instead use the computers in our Information Skills Training Room. Library staff will be happy to direct you to this area of follow the directional signage which will be placed near to the PCs.

The works are expected to include some drilling on both sides of the wall next to the computers, so this area may be noisy during this time. For those studying in the seating area adjacent to our main computer area, you may wish to move to the study spaces at the east side of our library.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



Library PC upgrade: 25th to 26th June

Main Library PC AreaOn Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June, all the Social Science Library computers will be upgraded to the Windows 10 Operating System.

Some computers will be temporarily unavailable during the upgrade period. Readers will be able to use computers in the Information Skills Training Room while those in the main Library PC area are upgraded.

All software currently available on library computers will continue to be available after the upgrade.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ combines information on companies, markets, and people worldwide with tools for analysis, financial modelling, market analysis, screening, targeting, and relationship and workflow management.

As it is focussed on Business and Management, it is particularly useful for Economics and Management students and those researching financial sytems and data.

It is available through SOLO and OxLip+, University members can log in to Capital IQ on the PCs in the SSL Data Area. Just ask library staff at the issue desk to log you in.

Tumble lock spelling out password

Alternatively, University staff and students can request their own individual login by emailing the Sainsbury Library directly.  This login can be used outside of the library.

Introducing our new financial markets intelligence database: Eikon

We are pleased to announce that the SSL now has access to Eikon.

Eikon is a financial market intelligence database that replaces Thomson Reuters previous products ‘Datastream’ and ‘Thomson One’.


Eikon provides information on markets, indices, company and economic information and historical financial data. It provides access to trusted, up to the minute and accurate content from more than 5 million securities world-wide. Coverage includes Pricing Data, Research, Fundamentals, Financial Estimates, News and Charts.


  • Eikon has to be used on a single designated terminal in the Data Area of our Library.
  • It is available for use by current University of Oxford members only.
  • For access to Eikon, talk to a member of staff at our Issue Desk.

For further information, user guides and training materials see here.

Find out more about the other software available in our Data Area here.


Access specialised software in our new Data Area

10 - 11.15 - Data Area

To support social scientists and others who are required to gather and handle data, the SSL has created a Data Area. This provides access to PCs that have specialised and restricted licence data software installed.

Data 1

A map (184 KB pdf) of the data area is available on the SSL website along with information about the different software available which include: Bloomberg Professional, DataStream, NVivo, SPSS and ArcGIS.

The Data Area page of the website also includes access information and restrictions and basic guides on how to use the software, physical copies of which are available in the Data Area. More information about data resources is available through the Bodleian Data Library website.