Specialised Software in the SSL

The SSL main reader PC area, the Data Area is at the front and other PCs behind.

To support social scientists and others who need to gather and handle data, the library offers a Data Area.

This provides access to PCs with specialised and restricted-licence data software:

Refinitiv Eikon

Allows for economic research and strategy development with macroeconomic analysis through access to the accounts data and equity data for global companies and stock indices.

The content spans over 40 years and contains worldwide economic data and futures, bonds and commodities figures.

  • Access is available to current University members for academic and non-commercial research
  • Ask staff at the Issue Desk to log you in to the dedicated computer


This software is designed to organise, analyse and find insights in qualitative data.

  • The software is installed on five SSL computers and can be found via the Start menu
  • Access is available to all library readers with a Bodleian Libraries login

IBM SPSS Statistics

This data analysis software allows for the editing and analysis of all types of quantitative data, whether structured data or relational databases. It works with all common file formats and can be used for formulaic analysis or graphing data.

  • The software is installed on five SSL computers
  • Access is restricted to current University members

A close up of a PC with 2 monitors. One says 'Kofax Power PDF' on the screen and the other 'ArcGIS.'

Additional software on our library computers that may be of interest to you:


A geographic information system, ArcGIS 10.2 can be used by anyone working with geospatial data or in fact any statistical information that includes geographical variables such as location, elevation, population density and so on. If the information being used features a geographical representation of the world as part of the mix then ArcGIS should be of interest.

  • The software is installed on all of our computers and can be found via the Start menu
  • Access is available to all library readers with a Bodleian Libraries login

Kofax Power PDF

Software used for creating, converting and editing PDF files.

Tip – Software can be used to add a text layer to an image of a document to make it searchable.

  • The software is installed on all of our computers and can be found via the Start menu
  • Access is available to all library readers with a Bodleian Libraries login

Open laptop, with hands on the keyboard. A plant is to the right and a cup of coffee on the left.

Find out further information about Data and Statistics for the Social Sciences in our Subject and Research Guide.

John Southall, Bodleian Data Librarian.

For Data queries, contact the Bodleian Data Librarian, John Southall.


Coming up next week: Free Bodleian iSkills Workshops: Working with Sensitive Data and much more

Learn how to work effectively with sensitive data, or ways to reduce the time you spend manually formatting references in your work. Sign up for one of the upcoming free Bodleian iSkills Workshops. Click on the image below for further details and booking links:

Primarily aimed at Graduates, the programme is designed to help you to make effective use of scholarly materials. Online booking is required.

A full list of iSkills workshops coming up this term can be found here.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ combines information on companies, markets, and people worldwide with tools for analysis, financial modelling, market analysis, screening, targeting, and relationship and workflow management.

As it is focussed on Business and Management, it is particularly useful for Economics and Management students and those researching financial sytems and data.

It is available through SOLO and OxLip+, University members can log in to Capital IQ on the PCs in the SSL Data Area. Just ask library staff at the issue desk to log you in.

Tumble lock spelling out password

Alternatively, University staff and students can request their own individual login by emailing the Sainsbury Library directly.  This login can be used outside of the library.

New eResources on North Korea

Collage of North Korean flag and polling station imagesThree new online resources have been purchased for our readers. All are now available on SOLO:

  • Polling the Nations – a compilation of full-text questions and responses from over 14,000 national, state, and local surveys conducted since 1986 by more than 1,400 polling organisations in 100 countries. It is described by Choice as “a resource beyond compare in the polling field”.
  • NK Pro – an independent news, information and data platform that concentrates uniquely on North Korea. NK Pro features daily news, high level analysis, opinions and interviews from a range of scholars, diplomats, experts and North Korean defectors.
  • NK News – an independent, privately-owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. The site intends to provide authoritative news, opinion & analysis, research tools, data and subject specialists.

These tools will be useful for research on politics, international relations, conflict, and quantitative data analysis in the Social Sciences.

Research Data Management and Cybersecurity

white padlock against a background of codeJohn Southall, the Research Data Librarian, was recently interviewed on data management and good research practice. Some of his comments appear in the Nature article, ‘Cybersecurity for the Travelling Scientist’ (August 2017, Vol 548, pp123-4).

The article covers the importance of Cybersecurity, especially in a research environment, and also covers key issues for researchers in the Social Sciences.

More information on the safe gathering, handling and management of reseach data can be found on the Bodleian Data Library website.

ArcGIS Online Demo

ESRI UK, the vendor for ArcGIS, are hosting an demonstration of the range of ArcGIS products at IT services this month.

When: 23 February 2017 13:00-15:30.

Where: IT Services, Babbage. 13 Banbury Rd

Cost: Free

Suitable for: Social Science researchers, those using geographical data, those who want to present complex geo-spatial data in easily understood maps

ArcGIS Online is an online, collaborative web mapping tool which can allow you to use, create and disseminate maps and data for use within teaching and research. With an ArcGIS Online account you can:

  • Quickly visualise and analyse data in a web GIS without having to download/install any software
  • Create interactive web maps without coding
  • Collect data in the field using Esri’s Apps
  •  Survey 123 – great for asking questions and citizen science
  • Collector for ArcGIS – take hi-res imagery or basemaps off the grid
  • Publish engaging Story Maps that highlight your research output

This interactive map of Predominent Religions is an example of ArcGIS mapping. Zoom in to see more detail.

The University of Oxford has an ArcGIS Online subscription ready to be used for teaching and research. A desktop version of the software is also available on all Social Science Library PCs.

To book for this event contact the Social Science Library.

Data Dialogue: When Research Crosses Border

Image of 1s and zerosThe Data Dialogue: When Research Crosses Border is a conference that will be held in the University of Oxford on September 29th from 9.30-17.00. The event is run in collaboration with UCL and concerns researchers and research managers experiences of collecting information in foreign territories. Issues to do with differing legal and ethical frameworks, collaborating on projects, managing data and common pressures on social science, and other, research will be discussed.

The event will be hosted in Jesus College and is completely free to attend. Those interested in attending should book through Eventbrite.

More information including the programme of events is available on the Science & Engineering South website.