Introducing our new financial markets intelligence database: Eikon

We are pleased to announce that the SSL now has access to Eikon.

Eikon is a financial market intelligence database that replaces Thomson Reuters previous products ‘Datastream’ and ‘Thomson One’.


Eikon provides information on markets, indices, company and economic information and historical financial data. It provides access to trusted, up to the minute and accurate content from more than 5 million securities world-wide. Coverage includes Pricing Data, Research, Fundamentals, Financial Estimates, News and Charts.


  • Eikon has to be used on a single designated terminal in the Data Area of our Library.
  • It is available for use by current University of Oxford members only.
  • For access to Eikon, talk to a member of staff at our Issue Desk.

For further information, user guides and training materials see here.

Find out more about the other software available in our Data Area here.


Data Area

Sick computerThe specialist software on the Data Area PCs in the Social Science Library will be unavailable until Friday 9 December. This is due to upgrades to our reader pcs.

The following software will be unavailable:

  • Bloomberg
  • Datastream
  • SPSS
  • NVivo
  • Government Finance Statistics CD-ROMs (the online database will still work).

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Access specialised software in our new Data Area

10 - 11.15 - Data Area

To support social scientists and others who are required to gather and handle data, the SSL has created a Data Area. This provides access to PCs that have specialised and restricted licence data software installed.

Data 1

A map (184 KB pdf) of the data area is available on the SSL website along with information about the different software available which include: Bloomberg Professional, DataStream, NVivo, SPSS and ArcGIS.

The Data Area page of the website also includes access information and restrictions and basic guides on how to use the software, physical copies of which are available in the Data Area. More information about data resources is available through the Bodleian Data Library website.


New Resource for Financial Data: Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Image

Access to the ‘Bloomberg Professional’ service is now available to readers within the Social Science Library.

The Bloomberg Terminal, as it is often known, is a leading source of detailed market data, news and analytics that is used in trading markets and financial institutions globally. Content includes current (real-time) and historical financial data on currencies and commodities, individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, and futures for both international and domestic markets.

Use of the service through our Bloomberg laptop will also provide access to company profiles and financial statements, forecasts, news on financial markets, and audio and video interviews on business and finance.

Readers have the option of using the laptop on its own or in conjunction with a traditional Bloomberg keyboard. Once logged in help on using the system is available from Bloomberg via instant messaging.

For further information visit the Bloomberg Professional homepage.

Booking the Laptop

Bloomberg Professional is restricted to current readers and is for academic non-commercial research only. Access has to be approved and should be booked in advance by emailing the Data Librarian John Southall. Sessions may be limited to one hour if demand is high.