Uninstall of Write N Cite

Java logo in orangeDue to changes in Java’s licensing, the RefWorks plugin Write ‘n’ Cite has to be uninstalled from reader computers in the Bodleian Libraries. This takes effect from Tuesday 16th April 2019 and means that Write ‘n’ Cite will not be available to use on reader computers in the Bodleian Libraries, including the SSL. Please note, this does not affect personal computers; you will still be able to use the Write ‘n’ Cite plugin on your own device.

Write ‘n’ Cite is the plugin used for Word that allows you to input citations directly into your text in your preffered style. You will still be able to access your RefWorks library of citations on library computers but you will not be able to automatically add them to Word documents without the plugin.

If you have any questions about this, please contact reference-management@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Research Skills Toolkit for Social Science Division: book now for Hilary Term workshops

Research Skills Toolkit sessions are two-hour workshops which provide hands-on practice with a range of resources intended to streamline and support your research. They also provide an opportunity to meet with subject specialists to seek guidance on further training.

Topics are likely to include:

  • EndNote/RefWorks
  • Skills Toolkit and avoiding plagiarism
  • GIMP image editing
  • Word for your thesis
  • Excel – organise & analyse data using pivot tables
  • Audacity for recording audio
  • Lynda.com IT video courses
  • Your thesis, copyright and ORA
  • Citation searching and impact factors
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Keeping up to date using email alerts
  • Finding data and statistics using OECD iLibrary and the UK Data Service

Ideal for first year graduate research students, the workshops are completely free to book and are scheduled for 1st week, Hilary Term. Book a place by clicking the image above.

Some online service at risk 14 to 17 July

There is some essential maintenance planned for the weekend 15/16 July. Due to this a number of services provided by IT services will be running at risk. Many will still be operational though changes are not recommended at this time and critical work should be re-scheduled where possible. The at risk period will begin 1p.m. Friday 14 July and end 1p.m. Monday 17 July.

The following services will not be available from Friday afternoon to Monday morning:

  • HFS (University of Oxford backup service)
  • IT Services Blogs
  • Chorus BTS LDAP (Chorus phone book look up for non-Chorus numbers)
  • Orchard packaging (Mac Managed Platform operated by IT services)
  • Educational Media archive storage
  • NSMS ELK syslog (Network System Management Service system log)
  • Jabber
  • Mirror – (some mirrored sites will be unavailable)
  • IT Services downloads (downloads.it.ox.ac.uk)
  • Users.ox.ac.uk
  • TEI sites (OUCS-style sites)

If you see the message ‘unavailable page’ then that website has been affected and will be unavailable during the at risk period.

The following IT services will be ay risk:

  • Nexus
  • Chorus
  • NSMS Hosted VMs
  • NSMS Virtual Datacentres
  • CUD
  • WebLearn
  • Groupstore
  • Registration
  • Mailing Lists
  • Shibboleth
  • Oak LDAP
  • Kerberos
  • WebAuth
  • Podcasts
  • Mirror (some mirrored sites will be completely available)
  • CONNECT Managed Desktops
  • CONNECT Managed Application Servers
  • NSMS Managed Servers
  • Bodleian Reader Desktops
  • CONNECT Remote Desktop Service
  • Oxmail
  • smtp.ox
  • www.ox.ac.uk
  • NSMS shared web hosting
  • NSMS server management
  • OxCORT online tutorials system
  • NSMS / MSD web hosting
  • flexlm.nsms.ox.ac.uk licence server (ArcGIS, Matlab, Intel compilers, Portland compilers)
  • NSMS Request Tracker instances
  • NSMS nagios monitoring
  • status.ox.ac.uk
  • UAS web sites
  • Chorus DNS and DHCP
  • Orchard infrastructure
  • Educational Media web sites

UPDATE: Network downtime on Mon 8th Aug now cancelled

UPDATE: The work outline below has now been cancelled. 4/8/16

Sick computer

The University is currently in the process of upgrading its network infrastructure as part of the Oxford Network Evolution (TONE) project (https://projects.it.ox.ac.uk/tone/).

On Monday 8 August, the Manor Road Building, including the Bodleian Social Science Library and all Departments in the building, will be migrated to the new service, resulting in a short period of network downtime.

There will be no network connection in the whole of the Manor Road Building between 10.30am and 11.45am on Monday 8 August 2016. This includes both Reader PC workstations and wireless (Eduroam/Bodleian-Libraries) internet connections.

Please ensure you save any work prior to this time and avoid planning critical work during this period. Although some local network services may be available during this period, it is best to assume this will not be the case.

Speak to a member of the Social Science Library or Manor Road Building IT Staff for further information or if you have any other questions.

Are you having IT problems? Ask us!


  • Are you having trouble logging into one of the WiFi networks?
  • Have you forgotten your password for logging in to Reader PCs?
  • Is the wireless network slow or the signal weak?
  • Do you need help saving a file to the desktop?

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of IT in the Library, whether it is using our Library PCs or your own laptop or mobile device, please do speak to a member of staff, either in person at the issue desk, or via one of our many other communications channels. We are always happy to help in any way we can to resolve the issue. Even if we can’t sort it out there and then, we can always refer your issue on to University IT Services and pursue a resolution on your behalf.

Please provide as much detail as you can about the problem. This will enable us to diagnose the problem more quickly and to establish whether it is a specific or general issue. For example:

  • What is the exact wording of the error message you see on screen?
  • Where are you sitting in the Library?
  • Are you using a Library PC or your own device?
  • What operating system are you using: Windows, OSX or Linux? What version?
  • Which wireless network are you connected to or trying to connect to? OWL, Eduroam or Bodleian-Libraries?
  • What web browser are you trying to open?

Changes to IT Services out of hours IT support


On the 23 December 2015, the University of Oxford’s IT Services made changes to their out-of-hours help service which is available to University staff, students, and other users. The telephone support hours have been extended to provide 24-hour assistance every day of the year including weekends, bank and public holidays and University closures. This new service replaced the evening helpdesk what was available at Banbury Road between 5.30pm and 8.30pm on weekdays. Those needing IT assistance can call the central IT Service Desk on 01865 (6)12345.

Find out further details of this new service here.