The Anthropology Collection in the SSL

In the Long Vacation 2022 the Tylor Library moved from the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (SAME) at 51 Banbury Road, to the Bodleian Social Science Library (SSL).

Over the course of a month 9329 barcoded items were reprocessed and interfiled on the SSL shelves, with the project completed on Thursday 21 July.

All transferred items have the public note in SOLO “Formerly part of the collection of the Tylor Library.”

Where can I find books about Anthropology in the SSL?

The books have been interfiled on the SSL bookshelves using the Library of Congress Classification scheme (which was already used by both libraries). If you are new to Library of Congress or would like a refresher on how it works, take a look at our Guide to Library of Congress Shelfmarks.

The books are distributed throughout the SSL bookshelves but, given the Tylor’s specialism in social and cultural anthropology, there are some shelves which now have a high concentration of former Tylor Library books, as shown in orange on the map below:

Main Anthropology Shelfmarks

  • DS History of Asia
  • DT History of African
  • DU History of Oceania
  • F History of the Americas
  • GN Anthropology

A larger version of the map is available at Anthropology Shelfmark Plan_ A4_Jan 2023

Where can I get further information on the Anthropology collections in the SSL?

Further information regarding the Anthropology collection may be obtained by contacting the Archaeology and Anthropology Subject Librarian, Helen Worrell