Maintenance work taking place in the Central and East Graduate Study Rooms on Thurs 8 and Fri 9 August

The Central Graduate Study Room and East Gradate Study Room will be unavailable for use on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 August 2019.

The furniture in this room is being upgraded to provide better power sockets, and it will be out of use while the work is completed.

Please contact Manor Road IT for an alternative Manor Road networked printer.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Online journals now displayed alongside our latest print journals

We have redesigned our Current Journals Display, located in the main aisle of the library – not only is it more colourful but we have also added a selection of our online journals.

Open Access journals are clearly identifiable and popular weeklies received in print (New Statesman, The Economist) are easy to find.

Our Current Journals Display provides a flavour of the titles received across the subject areas supported by the Social Science Library.  To check if we subscribe to a particular journal please search SOLO.

If there is a journal title that you would like to see on our Current Journals Display, or that you would like us to subscribe to, please tell us.

Work taking place to replace lighting in the library (18 March to 12 April)

Over the Easter vacation, work will be continuing to replace our fluorescent ceiling lights in the SSL with energy efficient LED lights. This will take place from Monday 18th March to Friday 12th April. The area the work will be carried out in is the section of books located to the rear of the library (between the two Discussion Rooms and the Q-Step Teaching Lab). See red outlined section below:

While the work takes place, this section of the library will be unavailable to readers. This will also include the individual study desks adjacent to the book shelves along the west wall (see blue block within the red outline section above).

Note that sections of this overall area will be made available again as the work progresses.

Library staff will operate a fetching service for books located in the above area. Readers should go to the Library Issue Desk to request material.

The work will involve some noise disturbance at times. However, we are hoping to restrict this to between 9am – 10am each morning. There may be some additional noise disturbance between 1pm – 2pm.

The LED light fittings use less than half the amount of electricity of the old fitting. This is part of a University of Oxford Estates Services project to improve lighting efficiency throughout the Manor Road Building.

With such a positive outcome for the library we appreciate your understanding while the work takes place.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us.


Think green: simple things you can do to help save energy in the SSL

Pull the plug on climate change imageLighting the library and running equipment such as PCs, photocopiers and laptops are two of the SSL’s most significant environmental impacts due to carbon dioxide emissions resulting from electricity generation.

We are currently reducing the environmental impact of our lighting by replacing all the ceiling lights with energy efficient LED lights.  This is part of a University of Oxford Estates Services project to improve lighting efficiency throughout the Manor Road Building.  Around 1,100 lights have been replaced in the building so far out of about 4,000.  The new LED lights use less than half the electricity of the old fluorescent lights and we estimate that this is currently saving 40,700 watts.  This equates to switching off 626 of the old lights.  Further energy savings are being achieved by new motion sensors in library study areas which automatically turn off the lights when no readers are present.

We have also taken many steps to reduce the impact of electrical equipment in the library, such as programming the photocopiers to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity and turning some equipment off during periods of low demand, but we need your help to do more!

Here are seven simple things you can do to help save energy in the SSL:

  1. Switch off laptops and mobile devices when not in use – easy and effective!
  2. Enable power saving settings on your laptop – do this once and then forget about it!
  3. Turn off your device’s Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth when not in use – this will also make your battery last longer between charges.
  4. Reduce the screen brightness on your mobile phone & laptop – another great battery saving tip.
  5. Unplug any USB devices from your laptop, eg external hard drives, when they are not needed – these can still draw power when not in use.
  6. Switch off the Reader PC monitors after use – library staff are now in the habit of turning off their monitors when they leave their desks – if we can do it, so can you!
  7. Turn off the lights in the Discussion Rooms, Information Skills Training Room and Q-Step Centre Teaching Lab when you leave – yes, you are allowed to turn off these lights and we would love you to do so!

These may seem like small actions, but collectively they can add up to make a big difference.  Thank you for your help in greening the SSL and please do tell us your top energy-saving tips.

New LED lights

New energy efficient LED lights in the Social Science Library

For further tips, a fun way to test your climate change knowledge, and a chance to win 50 tubs of ice cream for your college, try the NUS/University of Oxford Student Switch Off Climate Change Quiz which we are proud to support.

See the Greening the SSL web pages to find out more about what we have been doing to improve the library’s environmental sustainability.

To learn more about the University’s work on energy saving and carbon management see the annual Environmental Sustainability Reports.

Maintenance work taking place in our main computer area (Mon 6 to Fri 10 Aug)

In the week Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August, there will be some maintenance work taking place, during Library opening hours, on the fire dampers under the floor in our main computer area.

Main Library PC Area

All the computers in this area (including Bloomberg, Eikon and other computers in our Data Area) will be unavailable during this period. You can instead use the computers in our Information Skills Training Room. Library staff will be happy to direct you to this area of follow the directional signage which will be placed near to the PCs.

The works are expected to include some drilling on both sides of the wall next to the computers, so this area may be noisy during this time. For those studying in the seating area adjacent to our main computer area, you may wish to move to the study spaces at the east side of our library.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



Large Discussion Room and East Graduate Study Room not available for use Mon 19th to Tues 20th March


Our Large Discussion Room and East Graduate Study Room are being repainted on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March.

These two rooms will be out of use while the work is completed and while the paint dries.

Our Small Discussion Room and Central Graduate Study Room will be available for use as normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


New LED lights in the SSL

LED lights in SSL study area

Light fittings in the process of being replaced. New LED lights are visible above the bookshelves.

Work has recently started on replacing the fluorescent ceiling lights in the SSL with energy efficient LED lights.  The LED light fittings use less than half the amount of electricity when operating at 100% brightness.  Once all the lights are installed the brightness will be reduced to the optimal level and the lights will be connected to daylight sensors, so further energy savings are expected. The work is taking place outside of library opening hours to avoid any disruption to readers and it forms part of the Manor Road Building Facilities Team’s plan to improve lighting efficiency throughout the building.

Central Graduate Study Room: quiet discussion allowed

Central Graduate Study Room

With the busy exam period over, quiet discussion is now permitted in the Central Graduate Study Room again.  Following feedback from the Social Science Library Committee, this room was temporarily designated a quiet study area during Trinity Term, but has now reverted to a space for both quiet study and quiet discussion.  The East Graduate Study Room remains a quiet study area.