Planned Network Downtime

Sick computerThere will be no access to the University’s Network in the Social Science Library on Monday 12th December. This is due to migrating the Bodleian Libraries to  a Network back bone.

The down time is scheduled for:

  • Monday 12 December from 09:30 until 10:45 GMT

During this time there will be no access to library PCs, quick search PCs, the Bodleian Wifi Network, the Eduroam Wifi Network and the PCAS service.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The SSL has 5 new Photocopiers

Xerox Photocopier

As part of the PCAS Upgrade, the Bodleian Libraries now have new photocopiers. We have placed “How to…” guides in the leaflet holders next to each of our photocopiers to help you learn how to use them. Staff will also be happy to demonstrate them for you.

As we are still in the transition period to the new PCAS accounting system (which goes live at 9am on Tues 6th Sept) you can currently only do the following on the new photocopiers :

  • Photocopy
  • Scan to Email
  • Scan to USB



Note that there will be no charge for these services during this period.

Usual charges will apply when the new system goes live on the 6th September.

During the transition period the PCAS account system is unavailable. This means that you also can’t:

  • Send print jobs from library PCs or your laptop.
  • Access your PCAS account for adding credit etc

Staff mediated B/W printing will be available via our Library Issue Desk. Charges will apply (6p per single sided page and 9p for double sided). Payment is to be made in cash (as there will be no access to PCAS accounts during the downtime).

Full details of the changes to the PCAS accounting system and how it affects you can be found here.

Print, Copy and Scan availability during PCAS Upgrade downtime (4pm 26th Aug to 9am 6th Sept)


As you will know from previous communications, PCAS (the Bodleian Libraries Print, Copy and Scan service) is being upgraded this summer. Further details about the upgrade and how it affects you can be found here.

The upgrade period will run from:

4pm Friday 26th August to 9am Tuesday 6th September.

During the transition period while the upgrade takes place the usual PCAS account system will be unavailable. This will mean that you can’t:

  • Send print jobs from library PCs or your laptop.
  • Access you PCAS account for adding credit etc

The Library photocopiers will be placed in an interim mode which will allow:

  • Photocopying
  • Scan to Email
  • Scan to USB

Note that there will be no charge for these services during this period.

Usual charges will apply when the new system goes live on the 6th September.

Staff mediated B/W printing will be available via our Library Issue Desk. Charges will apply (6p per single sided page and 9p for double sided). Payment is to be made in cash (as there will be no access to PCAS accounts during the downtime.)


PCAS (Print, Copy and Scan) Accounts are changing


From 6 September PCAS (Print, Copy & Scan) account authentication will switch to the Bodleian Libraries username and password (which is also used to login to reading room PCs and Bodleian Libraries WiFi).

Existing PCAS accounts will need to be updated and an online portal and library staff will be available to facilitate this.

Why are we making this change?

Using the Bodleian Libraries’ login for PCAS will provide the following benefits:

  • Email addresses will automatically be imported for scan jobs. You will no longer have to use the touchpad unless you want to include an additional email address.
  • Accounts will be automatically set up for all new readers.
  • Separate authentication pop-up will not be needed for sending jobs from reading room PCs – PCAS will take authentication from the authentication used to log in to the PC.
  • One less account to remember for our patrons.
  • More flexibility for future development.

Initially accounts will not automatically be associated with university/Bodleian cards but we aim to develop this in future. Readers will be able to link their card to their account on the device as they can currently by presenting the card and entering the appropriate login details.

What will this mean for my current account?

From 6 September you will need to use the new account details and the old account will no longer work.

What about the unused credit attached to my account?

The balance from previous accounts will not transfer automatically across. From 6 September a simple balance transfer portal will be available online. It asks for the confirmation of the old and new accounts and any unused credit will be transferred across.

What if I can’t remember my old account details?

Support for balance transfer, and all other aspects of the changes, will be available from the PCAS support team at

How will I add credit in the new system?

The methods of adding credit will remain the same – the WebPay portal for credit/debit card top-ups, cash tops at libraries which handle cash, and the cash loader in the Bodleian Library.

Do I need to do anything now?

No, you can continue to use your current PCAS account. Account changes, and the balance transfer service, will only take effect after 6 September. It’s always good practice not to keep too much credit on PCAS accounts.

Are you making any other changes?

A new fleet of copiers will replace the existing machines offering a greener and more reliable service. The new copiers will come with ‘touch’ authentication rather than the existing card swipes. Copying and scanning guides will be posted at each device to help you learn how to use the new equipment and staff will be happy to help.

Prices have been reviewed and colour rates will be significantly lower. A colour A4 copy is reducing from 38p to 20p and A3 from 76p to 40p.

When will this happen?

The new copiers are due to be delivered week beginning 29 August. Deliveries across Bodleian Library sites will take place between 29 August-5 September and the new service will go live on 6 September.

During the implementation phase there will be no PCAS service Tuesday 30 August-Monday 5 September inclusive.

Apologies for this interruption but it is essential to ensure the transition of accounts. The changes we are making will ensure that that service interruptions will be not be necessary for any future developments.

Some Bodleian libraries may be able to provide alternative arrangements during this period. The SSL are currently investigating this and we will keep you informed prior to the downtime.

What support is available?

Front line staff will be on hand to answer questions and support will be available from our PCAS support team at

When the system goes live guides and handouts will be available in the library and posted at:

Minor disruption to PCAS service: morning of Tues 19th May


On Tuesday May 19th there will be some disruption to the PCAS system. An update is being installed on the server which will mean that the service will be unavailable between 8.00 – 9:00. The update may also make the PCAS service run slowly during the morning.

It is hoped to be finished by 12pm but staff can advise when it is complete and the service is back to normal.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

PCAS Upgrade Complete

The upgrade of the PCAS servers and software has now taken place.

All services should be working as normal. However, one issue that should be noted is that the RemotePrint website is currently not accessible outside the Oxford network; this issue is currently being worked on.

If you encounter any issues with using PCAS please do not hesitate to seek assistance from a member of library staff or alternatively email

One thing you will notice since the upgrade is that photocopiers have a new style display panel which is much more user friendly:

Log in Screen

The buttons are are much larger which will make manual login easier and both your username and password can be input on the same screen. Do remember though that it is possible to save yourself the time of logging in manually by linking your University/Library card to your PCAS account (to do this swipe your card in the reader attached to the photocopier and enter your PCAS username and password) From then you can simply swipe your card in the reader and you will be logged into the machine.


A second change is that printing will no longer be available from our SunRay terminals (the 2 machines in the library entrance area and the 4 stand up terminals next to our periodicals section) For readers who have no alternative but to print via this method (e.g. you do not have a University/Library card) you can instead print PDFs directly from a USB at the photocopiers or ask a staff member at the issue desk for assistance.




Reminder: PCAS downtime Tues 24th to Wed 25th March

Photocopier Downtime

This is a reminder that the PCAS downtime period begins tomorrow morning (Tues 23rd March), so if you have any urgent jobs to print, scan or photocopy try and do them today. Full details regarding the downtime are below:

In order to make improvements to the Bodleian Libraries PCAS system there may be no PCAS services during some or all of Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March. This includes WebPay account services, photocopying and scanning, and printing from laptops and library PCs. There will also be no Scan & Deliver requests.

The PCAS servers and software are being upgraded which will result in a more reliable service.

We apologise for the disruption during this period. If you would like to find out more information please contact James Shaw (Bodleian Libraries Document Delivery Services Librarian) at or talk to a member of SSL library staff.

If you have an urgent job you need to print out during this period please ask staff at our library Issue Desk for assistance.