Changes to SOLO

A close up of a laptop keyboard. One on of the keys is the word SOLO in capital letters.

Please note the following new changes to our library catalogue SOLO:

  • A book may say it is Available but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can borrow it: Sign in to SOLO to see whether you can borrow a book, and for how long.
  • The Scan & Deliver button has moved next to each item. Note your scanned chapter might be provided from a different copy from the one you actually click on.

A screen shot from the library catalogue SOLO. It shows a shelf mark and a Request and Scan & Delivery button to the right of it.

  • Before placing a Request on an item, check whether there are any available and “in place” right now.
  • When you place a request you’ll see two different kinds of options:
  1. Borrow from” – a copy will be reserved for you to borrow
  2. Read at” – a copy will be delivered from storage for you to read in a library or reading room of your choice, but may not be borrowed

Find further information on how to use SOLO in the Bodleian Libraries SOLO Subject & Research Guide.

Any questions, contact us or use the Live Chat service available via the SOLO webpage.