New Postgraduate? Missed your Library Welcome session?

If you are a new Postgraduate and missed attending your Bodleian Libraries Welcome session, the slides from the sessions are now available for you to view on our Training Archive.

Take a look to find how out about the services we provide and how to find resources for your subject area.

We also have a short Welcome Video to introduce you to our Library.

To the left of the image are the words 'Bodleian Social Science Library, Welcome Video.' Underneath is the Bodleian Libraries logo. To the right of the image are shelves filled with books.

Infographics of a person at a desk with a question mark above them and a person at the library issue desk to provide info. The words Questions? Need some help? Ask a member of staff appear at the top.

Still have questions? Need some help? Talk to our friendly library staff, who will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Speak to us in person at our Issue Desk or you can contact us via phone (01865 2-71093) or via email.

New to Oxford? Get to know the Bodleian Libraries and how we can help you

Image of a person studying in the Bodleian Libraries and the Bodleian Libraries logo. Clicking on the image will start the Bodleian Libraries Getting Started Video.

Libraries will play a big part during your time at Oxford, whether providing access to online articles on your reading list or helping you find that elusive book.

Getting to grips with the services we provide and finding your way around buildings and collections, can seem daunting at first. We run Library Welcome Sessions and Tours, to provide you with all the key information you need to know, so you can confidently get down to your studies.

You may also find it useful to watch a short introductory video to the Bodleian Libraries.


Details of your Library Welcome Webinar, where friendly staff will run through how the Bodleian Libraries can help you, are in your student timetable. Links and times for your session will be listed there.

The slides and SOLO handout from the webinar are available on the Bodleian Libraries Getting Started webpage.

You can drop in and attend a 20-minute tour at any of these times; no booking is required:

  • Wednesday 5 October: 11am, 3pm
  • Thursday 6 October: 11am, 12pm, 5pm
  • Friday 7 October: 11am, 5pm


Your Library Welcome sessions are in person and you will have been given details of them by your Department. In most cases, your Library tours will be just after or just before your Welcome session.

If you miss your Library Welcome Session

Further information on getting started in the Bodleian Libraries can be found on a dedicated webpage. You can also speak to our friendly library staff, who will be happy to help you.