The Lister copperplates – update

This time last year, Anna Marie Roos wrote about the copperplates made by the daughters of Martin Lister (1639-1712) to illustrate his work, Historiae Conchyliorum. The story was taken up by Nature online. Now her article on the copperplates made by the teenage daughters of Martin Lister in the 1690s, to illustrate his Historiae Conchyliorum, has appeared in Notes and Records of the Royal Society. The copperplates were bequeathed to the University of Oxford in 1712 and form part of the Bodleian Libraries Special Collections.
“The Art of science: a ‘rediscovery’ of the Lister Copperplates,” has been published online, at, in advance of print publication in March 2012.
We look forward to the display of the copperplates and related items exploring the illustration of science books,curated by Dr Roos, in the Old Library proscholium during September 2012.

Learn more about Martin Lister in the context of early modern scholarship, at the Cultures of Knowledge site.