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Advertisement for Sarum Pie [‘Ordinale ad usum Sarum’] ([Westminster: William Caxton, c.1476-7])
Bodleian Arch. G e.37; Advertisement for Sarum Pie [‘Ordinale ad usum Sarum’] ([Westminster: William Caxton, c.1476-7]) Image links to record for Bod-Inc C-155

There’s now online access to the descriptive Catalogue of Books Printed in the Fifteenth Century now in the Bodleian Library (Bod-Inc). The printed catalogue was published in 2005 by Oxford University Press. The online resource is accessible at:

Bod-Inc Online provides search access to the full text of the main sequence of entries for 15th-century printed books. The entries created during the original cataloguing project between 1992 and 2005 were created to the same standard as catalogues of medieval manuscripts. They provide an analysis of the textual contents of every edition, and describe unique features of the Bodleian copies of these early printed books. Online, users may make full-text or field-limited searches to discover the same information provided in the printed edition, with the analysis of all the textual contents of editions and with descriptions of provenance evidence, bindings, and manuscript additions in the Bodleian Library copies.

The indexes made for the printed catalogue (of Authors, Translators, Editors and Dedicatees; of Printers and Publishers; and of Provenances, Owners and Donors) are incorporated in the online resource for searching and browsing. These indexes also serve to filter and group search results.

The section on Blockbooks and single-leaf woodcut and metalcut prints is available in electronic form, with full digital facsimiles.

The inventory of Hebrew incunabula is available as PDF pages.

Bibliographic records for these editions in the Bodleian Libraries’ online catalogue, SOLO, are linked to the full descriptions in Bod-Inc, identified by citation of the Bod-Inc number.

Bod-Inc records link out to the ISTC.

For more information, contact the Bodleian’s curator of incunabula, Alan Coates, alan.coates[at]

Users will also be interested to see the selection of early printed books from Bodleian Library and Vatican Library collections that are being digitized in the Polonsky Foundation Digital Project,

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