The Gathered Text, 3 September 2010, CSB

‘The Gathered Text’ cut a cross-section through current book-historical studies, taking a highly original view of the subject from a new angle. (Gathering, quire, signature … look inside with this display.) As defined by Rebecca Bullard, who convened this symposium, the gathering suggested not only the sheet of paper or parchment constituting a standard unit … Continue reading “The Gathered Text, 3 September 2010, CSB”

Conserving a 17th-century map of China’s trade routes

The ‘Selden Map of China’ arrived at the Bodleian Library in 1659 as part of John Selden’s bequest. It was long considered a rare curiosity until 2008, when an American scholar, Robert Batchelor of Georgia Southern University, noted that it records coastal trading routes linking the port of Quanzhou in Fujian Province with other parts … Continue reading “Conserving a 17th-century map of China’s trade routes”

Linguistic Geographies – revealing the Gough Map’s secrets

The Gough Map, held at the Bodleian Library, is internationally-renowned as the earliest map to show Britain in a geographically-recognizable form. Yet questions remain of how the map was made, who made it, when and why. Linguistic Geographies is an AHRC-funded research project that seeks to address these key questions. As the project proceeds during 2010, … Continue reading “Linguistic Geographies – revealing the Gough Map’s secrets”

Jane Austen’s Volume the First

MS. Don. e. 7: The conservation of Jane Austen’s Volume the first This manuscript takes its name from the inscription on its upper cover. It contains a compilation of Jane Austen’s early short works, written in Austen’s hand as a fair copy, and includes Henry & Eliza, The Adventures of Mr Harley, and The beautifull … Continue reading “Jane Austen’s Volume the First”

Jane Austen, ‘Volume the First’

At the first of the Literary Manuscript Masterclasses this term, on October 27, we were shown a small, mass-produced notebook, probably bought from a stationer in the mid-1780s, in which the young Jane Austen had set down a series of stories and plays. Kathryn Sutherland, professor of English literature, described the importance of this manuscript, one … Continue reading “Jane Austen, ‘Volume the First’”

Russian caricatures of “Boney”

The thirty Russian cartoons in the Curzon Collection are indicative of the prints favoured by collectors. From the collection of the Grand-Dukes Nikolai and Mikhail Mikhailovich, grandsons of Nicholas I, they passed into the hands of A.M. Broadley, whose collection was built initially from the sale of W. Fraser in 1901 and augmented by the … Continue reading “Russian caricatures of “Boney””