VHL on LibraryThing Local

As readers of this blog will know, the VHL has been on LibraryThing since November, adding our new acquisitions each month. I don’t know how many of our readers are LibraryThing users (or Thingamabrarians, as I believe we are referred to) but I am a huge fan of LibraryThing. I have my personal book collection on there too (for which I either hang my head in shame or proudly proclaim my geekiness, depending on how you view such things), and I am loving the new developments they are constantly bringing out. The latest of these is LibraryThing Local, which basically adds listings of libraries, bookshops and literary festivals to LibraryThing, searchable by location. You can find the VHL here, and you can add us as a favourite library on your LibraryThing profile. Or even befriend us as a fellow Thingamabrarian!

(and a reminder, we’re available to be friended on del.icio.us and Facebook too, if anyone feels so inclined…)

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