Reference section reorganisation

We are embarking on a project to rearrange the ground floor of the library over the next few months, and need your help to finalise what will move where.

Currently the ground floor has reference books in the centre shelves, and bibliographies along the left-hand wall. Once our reorganisation is complete, the centre shelves will contain a smaller and more focused reference section, and the left-hand wall will be used to house post-1920 volumes of the Congressional Record, which are currently in the stack. Guides to microfilm collections held in the library will be shelved separately by the microform cabinets.

The books in the reference and bibliographies sections have been marked with coloured dots on the spines, according to where we suggest they might go in order to make space for the Congressional Record. Please take a look at the collections, and if you disagree with our assessment, mark the dot with a cross. We will then consider those titles more carefully. Please note that we have erred on the side of dotting more books rather than fewer, so not everything dotted will necessarily move!

Dotting guide:

  • Green dots indicate that a book will be moved upstairs to the main collection
  • Yellow dots indicate that a book will be moved to the stack
  • Pink dots indicate a book that will be kept on the ground floor as part of a research enquiry collection
  • No dot means the book will stay as part of the new reference collection.
  • Where all the volumes in a set or on that shelf will be moved together, only the first volume in the set/shelf has been dotted.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please get in touch via any of the usual methods!

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