Reminder: Reference section reorganisation

A couple of months ago I posted on the blog about our proposed reorganisation of the ground floor reference section over the summer, with a view to making post-1920 volumes of the Congressional Record (currently in the stack) available on the open shelves. We will be starting to move books from the reference and bibliographies sections upstairs or down to the stack in the next couple of weeks, so this is your last chance to let us know if you have any objections to any of the proposed moves. As a reminder:

  • Green dots indicate that a book will be moved upstairs to the main collection
  • Yellow dots indicate that a book will be moved to the stack
  • Pink dots indicate a book that will be kept on the ground floor as part of a research enquiry collection
  • No dot means the book will stay as part of the new reference collection.
  • Where all the volumes in a set or on that shelf will be moved together, only the first volume in the set/shelf has been dotted.

If you think that a book should remain in the reference section and not be moved, please mark a cross on the spine dot and we will take this into consideration. We have erred on the side of dotting more books rather than fewer, so not everything will necessarily end up moving.

Thanks for your help!

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