Change to library PCs: logging on and new software

From next week (week beginning 15th February), reader PCs in all the OULS libraries will be updated.   The VHL is going to be the first library to get the new software, and our PCs will be changed early next week.  The main change is that to access PCs you will need to log on with your OLIS barcode and password (the same as for the wireless or for stack requests).

Why this change?
The libraries need to comply with JANET and University network regulations. These require that a reader can be identified, if necessary, when IT regulations have been broken, copyright infringed or malware introduced.

How will readers benefit from this change?
Readers will have access to updated software (IE7, MS Office 2007), a choice of browsers (IE or Firefox), and new software, such as Endnote, iTunes, and much more.

How do I log in?
Log in with the same OLIS barcode and password you use to place stack requests or to access OULS-reader wireless.

Unless you have reset your password, the default is normally your date of birth.  Ask library staff for help if this doesn’t work, or if you have forgotten your password.

Example login:
Barcode: 2701290
Passsword: 20jul1969 (note lowercase letters)

NB, if your password is currently the same as your barcode, you will not be able to log on to the PCs until it is changed to be something different.   You can change your password on the OLIS-only terminal on the first floor, or ask staff to do it for you.  

If you have any feedback, please email with the subject heading ‘Reader PCs’.

More information can be found at:

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