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Lincoln Archive [Subscription required for full access]
The Lincoln Archives Digital Project started in 2002 with a simple idea for a vast undertaking: to digitize all federal records that exist from the administration of Abraham Lincoln. Over 6,000 documents are currently online and over half a million documents are scanned and in the process of being placed online. The project is the first undertaking of its kind to digitize the entire holdings of the administration of any single U.S. President. Also, we are digitizing newspaper accounts, correspondence, photographs, and other documents of the period. To see all the documents, you need a subscription (currently $15 per month or $150 per year), but all users of the website—even those without a subscription—have free access to entry descriptions, the index of documents at the “box” level, a timeline of President Lincoln’s life, Civil War photographs, and so much more.
Connecticut State Library Digital Collections
The Connecticut State Library Digital Collections feature items from the Connecticut State Library, State Archives, and the Musuem of Connecticut History. These include modern and historical records from the three branches of state government documenting the evolution of state public policy and its implementation, the rights and claims of citizens, and the history of the state and its people. Other collections include aerial surveys of the state since 1934, and the Works Progress Administration Census of Old Buildings from the 1930s. (Text from ALA Digital Library of the Week)
The Digitial Ford Presidential Library
Digitized documents and audiovisual materials from the collection at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. They are organized into the following categories: * Presidency – General * Presidency – Foreign Affairs and National Security * Presidency – Domestic Affairs and Politics * Gerald and Betty Ford’s Early Lives * Congressional Years * Vice Presidency * Post-White House Years Includes speeches, the daily diary, photographs, minutes of meetings, campaign materials, transcripts of phone conversations.

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