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Topics in Chronicling America
Information and links to sample articles about various historic topics, available through the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America site.
Civil War in the American South
In recognition of the sesquicentennial of the start of the American Civil War, Civil War and the American South provides a central portal to access digital collections from the Civil War Era (1850-1865) held by members of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL). ASERL members hold deep and extensive collections documenting the history and culture of the American South, developed over hundreds of years to support scholarly research and teaching. Many of the special or unique manuscripts, photographs, books, newspapers, broadsides, and other materials have been digitized to provide broader access to these documents for scholars and students around the world. Civil War and the American South is a collaborative initiative to provide a single, shared point of access to the Civil War digital collections held at many individual libraries. This site currently links to more than 8804 items from 23 libraries.
Oregon Digital Library
The Oregon Digital Library Project provides a searchable portal for a number of digital collections created by institutions around the state of Oregon. At present, the ODL gateway can search and index approximately 500,000 items.
The National Archives on YouTube
Links to the YouTube channels of the National Archives and eight of the Presidential Libraries: Bush, Eisenhower, Hoover, LBJ, JFK, Nixon, FDR, Truman.
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives’ on Flickr
Eber Carle Perrow collection of Southern ballads (Houghton Library, Harvard University)
Collection consists primarily of texts of lyrics of Southern African-American ballad folk songs, collected by Perrow, some pages apparently signed and in the hand of the local persons who related the text, but most in hand of Harvard students who wrote compositions for English A in 1909. Manuscripts are often only fragments, written in multiple hands, some are typed transcripts of lyrics, and there is one sheet of manuscript music of a ballad. There is also a 1908 letter from an unidentified person at Louisiana State University written to Perrow concerning text of Southern ballads.

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