Research Skills Toolkits – IT and Information Skills and services for your research

rstBook now for the Research Skills Toolkits in week 8 (repeated 0th week Hilary). These are free hands-on workshops for research students introducing key tools, techniques and resources. Topics covered in this 2 hour session include:

  •  Reference management software
  • Literature searching and advanced search techniques
  • Keeping up to date with emerging research
  • Managing your thesis with Word
  • Analysing data with Excel pivot tables
  • Podcasting with Audacity and Weblearn
  • Free software for image manipulation
  • Measuring research impact
  • Your thesis, copyright and submitting to ORA

During the sessions you will also meet with subject specialists for help and guidance on further training.

These workshops which are run jointly by IT Services and the Bodleian Libraries are open to graduate researchers and take place in week 8 of Michaelmas and week 1 of Hilary Term as follows:

  • Research Skills Toolkit for Social Sciences (Tues 2 Dec 14.00-16.00 and repeated Thurs 4 Dec 14.00-16.00, Fri 5 Dec 10.00-12.00, Tues 20 Jan 10.00-12.00) – Book a place
  • Research Skills Toolkit for Humanities subjects (Wed 3 Dec 10.00-12.00 and repeated Mon 19 Jan 14.00-16.00) – Book a place
  • Research Skills Toolkit for History, Archaeology and Classics (Wednesday 21 Jan 14.00-16.00)  – Book a place
  • Research Skills Toolkit for English (Thursday 22 Jan 10.00-12.00) – Book a place

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